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Extra Factions Mod
« on: July 20, 2016, 08:12:21 AM »
I just started playing with the game's editor and finally figured out the process of making new factions. I haven't got to playtest them beyond a short period (I spent all day figuring out how to put them in the game, haha.) yet so they might be buggy and generic still but here they are: Dropbox

Right now all three only have the basic weapons and economy setup. I plan on making them unique weapons, if you have some ideas on what they should get let me know. I was thinking projectile cannons for the Aspel (machine guns for small ships, battleship cannons for bigger ships) and some type of longrange aoe artillery for the Ascendant.

Edit: Day 2 adds three more factions. Still haven't worked on weapons or special stuff for them. Added rank and tech descriptions for all factions. (Figured out you have to add an extra file for those to show up, they aren't in the editor.)

Aspel Hegemony
The Aspel are ruled by "God-Chiefs" who use hordes of warriors to keep control of the large slave populations they keep.
+ Extensive use of drones by most ships
+ Fast Ships
+ Access to firearm and slave production facilities
- No unique weapon
- Relatively frail ships

A splinter faction of humans that have begun to "Digitalize" themselves into computers.
+ Powerful military fleet
+ Docks are armed and fairly tough
- Very expensive ships that use a lot of supply

Ashrak Confederacy
The Ashrak are a religous splinter group from humanity. They favor armor and power over speed.
+ Good military fleet
+ Very well armored ships
- Slow and costly military ships

The Dendari are a group of mercenaries with a strange short commander.
+ Ships Similar to human federation

A splinter group from the federation, the Nastari are ruled by a honor-bound caste of warriors. They serve their emperor in everything they do.
+ Powerful Ships
+- Cheap freighters
- Expensive Ships

Pargus Junkers
The Pargus are a insular group who hate outsiders and love to scavange junk.
+ Super tough asteroid dreadnought
+ Strong battleships
+ Scavangers
- Slow ships
- Weak smaller ships

Installation Help
Step 1. Locate the Unending Galaxy folder. Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\UnendingGalaxyDeluxe or wherever you installed it
Step 2. Locate the mods folder
Step 3. Extract the factions you want into the mods folder. (Each faction is a seperate folder that goes into the mod folder)
Step 4. Start up the game, click "Launch Configuration Tool"
Step 5. Hit mod manager.
Step 6. Active the mod.
(Thanks Starwars mod github! Here)

Credits for sprites and shipsets:
Star Sector
Appro Light
Gratuitous Space Battles
Distant Worlds Extended Universe
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Re: Extra Factions Mod
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2017, 11:54:44 PM »
I'm replying like super late, but modinfo.txt is missing in your folders, game can't autodetect the mods
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