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The other games
« on: September 14, 2014, 04:52:23 PM »

I'm following a lot of different games, almost all of them from "indy world".

Similar but different from Unending Galaxy, i know, and play/test :

- Void Expanse
- Star Sector
- Space Ranger
- Drox Operative
- ASCII Sector


as for "space games" i'm also following :

Space Engineer
Star Made
X-Universe (excluding the last one...)
Aurora 4X
Blockade Runner
Pioneer Space Sim
Elite Dangerous (backer)


Where else should i look ?


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Re: The other games
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2014, 06:45:14 PM »
That's a nice list. I liked Evochron: Mercenaries (but last time i checked it crashed a lot, at least on my computer). Loved space rangers (the second one, never tried the first).

However I disliked Drox Operative. That's weird because i love space games, procedural stuff and I like action rpg too. But I found it extremely tedious (kill another 200 random pirate ships to advance) in the execution. And it has the Civilization syndrome: You know you've won a level, but there's still an hour (or more) ahead of you of cleaning up the remaining stuff.

Other games I tried are:

- Space Pirates vs Zombies: It's a fun one, it uses some similar concepts to Drox (leveling up, quests, moving from a world to another). I played it a lot, but there's something that kinda put me off mid-game, the "zombie" ships which more or less require to build your ships a given way to defeat them, when all the first part of the game was about building them the other way around.. I still consider it to be a good game, but that was annoying.

- The Last Federation from the fine folks who made AI:Wars. It's mostly a diplomacy game, with turn based / action point based combat on top of it. It's hard to describe, but basically you are the last survivor of an ancient race who died in a big war, and now you want to unite the galaxy because 'never again'. Each faction is really unique, with special diplomatic interactions. You have a warlike tribe with powerful ships and with the fastest way to earn their respect is to defeat their chief in one on one fight. You have ridiculously weak but friendly furry creatures who are on the other hand extremely good at suicide bombing the crap out of enemy worlds. Robots who completed change policies (between 3 modes) and diplomatic interactions regularly... And your goal is to make a federation with all those factions (that are still alive). You can give them techs, trade, fight them (to some extend, you have one very powerful ship, but only one). A strange game, not necessarily for everyone, but it's unique.

- FTL: Faster Than Light. Roguelike / crew management / ship to ship combat. It's fairly well known. I liked it, but end game is too depending on luck for my taste.

After that I played a lot of 4X games
- AI:Wars
- Distant Worlds
- Sins of a Solar Empire (needs the addons to really be good)

The last two are my main sources of inspiration when it comes to UG in empire mode. Sins for the way to manage fleets and the zooming. Distant worlds for the diplomacy, the civilians, the optional automation.

There's also much older games that I am not even sure they are still easy to find:
- Starscape
- Flatspace 1 and 2
- Wazzal
- Weird worlds
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