Author Topic: Tons of questions and some feedback.  (Read 132 times)


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Tons of questions and some feedback.
« on: September 11, 2018, 10:45:42 PM »
Just found your game, and it looks very promising. Always nice to see different approach.

But I'd love to read a bit more about your plans to make it more unique.

1. What's your plan regarding spotting enemies? Any line of sight, fog of war or other way of hiding? Or everyone sees everything?

2. Hitting enemy is just % based, or is it some kind of bullet flight simulation?
i.e. instant hitscan bullet with random scatter based on skills/attributes/items.

3. Some of listed abilities seems like overlapping single action. I.e. repairing plate armour is "repairs", "crafting" or "forging"? All of those seems like suitable terms for such action. Even "military", "tinkering" and "disassembling" seems somehow related. Do you plan to combine multiple skills and attributes to determine outcome of certain action, or is it one action->one ability?
Or are the abilities simply calculated from attributes?

My suggestion would be to somehow narrow each ability, and require multiple for each action.
a. Group  abilities by clearly defined boundaries: metal, wood, fabric, stone/brick/concrete, cooking, medicine, military, plants.
b. Add "crafting" or "manual skills" or "dexterity" as attribute.
c. Make outcome of action combination of attributes+abilities.

I.e. metal+crafting+military would determine quality of "repair plate armour" action, while STR could additionally boost speed. Metal+perception would be ability to scavenge for metal components (you need to know what to look for). Metal+military+intelligence would be used for researching new weapons. Thus decision for player whom to always take on mission and whom to never move out of base wouldn't by that simple.

4. Priority systems seems to be very basic ATM. Only allowed Y/N. In the long run that would greatly increase the need of micromanagement, especially with planned large number of survivors.

Do you plan anything like RW (set actions in order from the most important to least important for each survivor)?

Or maybe setting priorities for actions? I.e. "priority for repairing armour is equal to survivor (required skills->metal+military+crafting)*(manual priority->i.e. 2), (minimum required-> i.e. 25)"
Then naturally people will work at things they are good at.

And it's only step from more capitalistic rather than communistic relations within settlement - when each survivor get paid for what he's doing, have personal possession, rather than everything belonging to everyone. Something rarely seen in base building games.