Author Topic: Patch1.2.0.8 - Still Excited  (Read 1345 times)


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Patch1.2.0.8 - Still Excited
« on: March 17, 2016, 03:42:57 AM »
1. I was wondering when those Ceridan would show up...
2. So much yes.  I'll feel less inclined to rush sectors now. Which will be nice since sometimes there are just not enough resources to support adding industry to these sectors. (Considering no longer picking bureaucrat)
3. All the perf! Yeah this is great!  At first I thought it was the asset panel that was getting a perf update and was mor excited, but since I run the largest map size, I'm sure I will benefit from this.
4. My crashes have been MUCH less frequent, so less crashing is really going to be great!