Author Topic: Straightforwards Economy - Ceridan  (Read 1265 times)


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Straightforwards Economy - Ceridan
« on: March 04, 2016, 05:22:19 AM »
So, I figured I'd give a Ceridan play a try.
Went ahead and unticked Independent tech to help make up for the expensive base tech.
Also to keep it from spawning non-Ceridan ships in my shipyard (mainly for this).

Started filling in a system and basically stalled once the mined supplies ran out.

Having tried humans and none, I've concluded the + for straightforwards economy is not so much a + for me.

I'm finding in many sectors I have nothing to build because they do not have a production chain like the food ration chain that is independent of ore.

Humans/None tech have E-Cell -> Wheat -> Cattle -> Food

While ridiculous production simply just makes money and is definitely not usable by myself, it also gives me something to fill in my empty sectors with and any point at all to systems without asteroid fields. Being allied with the pirates, I need every sector I own to be helping rather than just a random void, and space is ore deprived enough that simply importing tons seems to not be a viable prospect.

So.... Long story short I have 3 thoughts...

1. Would be great to have a power cell chain.
2. Their economy doesn't appear to be an upside to the choice for me.
3. Would be nice to be able to block Independent tech auto production of military.

Going to try some other faction starts and see how they compare.

Edit: Ok so building tech is confusing.
Furthermore I always thought small arms was a "Luxury" yet their downside for economy is no luxury good.

Yeah, so factions are a weird mishmash of various independent techs and specialized techs, sometimes coming out as having 2 shipyards despite not picking Independent tech.  Many having most of the independent tech line.

I guess for AI sudden arrival purposes the Ceridan not having traditional economy kind of makes sense, but as far as being playable by a player seems less viable without independent tech like the pirates.  The 2 point cost plus the 1 point for independent tech is painful though.

Also, strange second military base is strange. Seems to be just worse? I dunno what to make of it.
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