Author Topic: 1.2Whenever Switching Back to Line Graphs in Empire Screen, Empire Filter Resets  (Read 1460 times)


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When I look at a chart in the empire menu, set the filter to money and then my faction, then I switch to assets, to say assign a new trader, or to empire to shift money or see exact values, then switch back to the line graphs, for a brief moment the previous filter is there then it resets to the old filter.

This only happens for the empire selection, fortunately it still remains on the money graph.
I'm getting ready to rename my faction to Aardvark Asteroid Activists to ensure I'm at the top and easy to find, The Consortium always seems to get lost in the middle.

Not world ending, but I do like to see the trends for my cash, and when playing on trader mode my chart is blown out by real empires.
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The stats menu needs some improvements in general, i agree. It has always been sitting at the bottom of the todo list. Nothing will happen this weekend but i will try to do something about it in the one after that.
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