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Slower Combat Mod
« on: February 26, 2016, 10:30:55 PM »
I felt the combat was a bit too fast paced in the game, so I slowed things down. Right now it's just a straight up half speed thing. I also modified the swarm weapons while I was at it, but if you don't like this change you can easily remove that part of it.

Change log for initial release:
1. Adjusted shield recharge so they recharge half as often, reducing both the energy consumption and the recharge rate by half.

2. Adjusted all weapon damage to half. So it takes twice as long to destroy something.

3. Adjusted swarm weapons to make that faction a bit more unique. They now do half damage (so quarter damage compared to base game) and ignore shields. If you dislike this particular change, simply delete the weapons folder of this mod and they'll use the traditional damage type again.

Download it here Slower Combat v0.1 mod