Author Topic: Unending Galaxy 1.1.5 Changelog  (Read 2310 times)


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Unending Galaxy 1.1.5 Changelog
« on: January 09, 2016, 06:25:12 AM »
 + Faction AI can send military defense ships in foreign/pirate territory if it has assets there
 + Building AI will favor docks from main tech group when it has the choice between several docks
 + Building AI put a much higher focus on building ship part factories (until it reach a decent ratio)

Content Patch [Deluxe Edition]
 + Added Ceridan faction and playable tech group (unique ships, buildings, wares)
 + Added "Besieged" large symetrical map
 + Added "Ore Belt" medium map
 + New, rare, titanium ore
 + Added "Ceridan Invasion" special event
 + Siraks and SPQR can no longer build capital type colonies on rocky and acid planets
 + Added high risk / reward mission to destroy Swarm Hives
 + Minor changes to some colony imports/exports
 + Minor price changes for various goods
 + swarm spores "gun slot" reduced from 2 to 1; HP from 3000 to 2500
 + SPQR event "window" larger (can happen sooner/later in the game)
 + Can no longer build balanced colonies on volcanic worlds
 + Slightly increased power generation of the Man-o-War
Game Settings
 + Added 90 FPS setting
 + Added ability to enable/disable menu antialiasing
 + Added ability to set the nebulae transparency level (for those who find them too colorful)

 + Added some pilot portraits variations to niliths, siraks, humans
 + Made AI Core carrier and battleship slightly bigger
 + Replaced computer plant by better looking building
 + Added volume to pirate bases and other buildings
 + Replaced a few AI Core buildings
 + Nilith shipyard, power plant, military and trade stations are pulsating
Modding Tools [Deluxe Edition]
 + Map Editor : Added visual indication of nebulae and solar systems when appropriate paint modes selected
 + Map Editor : Easier to know which solar system names have already been used on map (star in front of name)

Performances / Code Stuff
 + Upgraded graphic library
 + Misc small code changes & improvements
 + Smoother movement in higher refresh rate
 + Improved list management in Sector Info Panel
 + Slight changes to savegame format so we can store more complex info about factions, special events and plotlines

User Interface
 + Made the "dark" sectors on the galactic map clickable to make exploration of new sectors easier
 + Added "My Assets" filter to Sector Info Panel
 + Drag and dropping weapons and shields works in ship equipment type menus
 + Increased Dock Scanner menu width
 + Galactic Map : One click to select a sector, 2 clicks to enter a sector
 + Galactic Map : Sector Info panel tied to selected sector when map open so you can move the mouse without canceling current selection
 + Galactic Map : Top right info popup still tied to the sector your mouse is over, made visible even if sector info panel is open
 + Galactic Map : "My Assets" filter made more useful: lone ships are easier to locate, added numerical value.
 + Resized save/load menu
 + Made bounties in bounty board easier to read

Bug Fixes
 + Fixed: Falling Letters / Matrix bug (hopefully)
 + Fixed: Take control button doesn't work in asset list
 + Fixed: Incorrect thread timings
 + Fixed: Small display issue with popup on galactic map
 + Fixed: Closing the game with empire manager open and money management selected could cause a problem
 + Fixed: Nilith primary planet type should be oceanic
 + Fixed: Couple of small design mistakes in Imperium and Hiveworld maps
 + Fixed: Couple of error messages in map editor
 + Fixed: Spaceflies (and potentially other neutral objects) registering as "foes" to AI Core and Swarm
 + Fixed: Given enough time and resources, swarm queens could bypass their hangar limits
 + Fixed: 2 mouse cursors visible when some menus are open
 + Fixed: Buying equipment in a dock with said equipment in cargo bays lead to buying the wrong amount of equipment
 + Fixed: Moving cargo around causes the profit/loss indicator to go bonkers
 + Fixed: Access violation under specific case in trade menu
 + Fixed: Wrong font on Shipyard's buy button
 + Fixed: Stats not always showing properly when a game ends
 + Fixed: Sector Info panel  and Galactic map showing data that should be hidden by fog of war
 + Fixed: Animation frames could appear in the wrong order
 + Fixed: Game Editor - potential crash when refreshing database
 + Fixed: Potential crash in alien name generator
 + Fixed: Finite resource button not working as expected
 + Fixed: Incorrect framerate when capping fps
 + Fixed: Selecting a fleet and then a single ship would not deselect the fleet
 + Fixed: Order to build a trade station can fail
 + Fixed: Exception if a faction has no military ship to assign to an attack fleet
 + Fixed: Problem that may cause a faction to not build a specific mine it needs
 + Fixed: Exception related to asteroid deletion
 + Fixed: Some accepted missions wouldn't be listed in the mission tab of the empire manager
 + Fixed: Special events couldn't occur while a plotline is active
 + Fixed: Player owned sector can be marked as hostile on the galactic map popup
 + Fixed: changing faction using the cheat menu wouldn't stick across savegames
 + Fixed: Starting a new session wouldn't reset changes made to CPU factions' traits and behaviors during previous game.
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Re: Unending Galaxy 1.1.5 Changelog
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2016, 07:36:29 AM »

Just want to let you know that the installer off itch.io is corrupt, and wont install. ( Attachment of Error msg is included. )

Filesize is : 137Mb ( 144,183, 091 bytes )




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Re: Unending Galaxy 1.1.5 Changelog
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2016, 07:25:20 PM »
It should be fixed now.

Apologies for the inconvenience, I have no idea what happened during the file transfer between dropbox and itch.io.
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