Author Topic: OUTDATED Beta Patch 1.1.5 : Trading menu, another graphic test  (Read 1490 times)


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OUTDATED Beta Patch 1.1.5 : Trading menu, another graphic test
« on: December 20, 2015, 06:49:28 PM »

Patch 1.1.5.Beta

This patch should fix issues with the trading menu. It may correct the occasional graphical glitch with the full hardware acceleration setting. It contains a lot of other changes and not all of them have been fully tested, please report anything unusual.

(file removed)

Extract the zip file in your game's main folder
(you'll be asked if you want to replace the game executable file, say yes).

Patching the wrong edition or version will not work.

Incomplete Changelog

 + Added high risk / reward mission to destroy Swarm Hives (untested)
Game Settings
 + Added 90 FPS setting (not effectively 90fps, known bug)
 + Added ability to enable/disable menu antialiasing
 + Added ability to set the nebulae transparency level (for those who find them too colorful)

 + Upgraded graphic library
 + Misc small code changes & improvements
 + Smoother movement in higher refresh rate
 + Improved list management in Sector Info Panel

User Interface
 + Made the "dark" sectors on the galactic map clickable to make exploration of new sectors easier
 + Added "My Assets" filter to Sector Info Panel
 + Drag and dropping weapons and shields works in ship equipment type menus
 + Increased dock scanner menu width
 + Entering a sector from the Galactic Map require a double click to make Sector Info panel more useable
Bug Fixes
 + Fixed: Take control button doesn't work in asset list
 + Fixed: Incorrect thread timings
 + Fixed: Small display issue with popup on galactic map
 + Fixed: Closing the game with empire manager open and money management selected could cause a problem
 + Fixed: Spaceflies (and potentially other neutral objects) registering as "foes" to AI Core and Swarm
 + Fixed: Given enough time and resources, swarm queens could bypass their hangar limits
 + Fixed: 2 cursors when some menus are open
 + Fixed: Buying equipment in a dock with said equipment in cargo bays lead to buying the wrong amount of equipment
 + Fixed: Moving cargo around causes the profit/loss indicator to go bonkers
 + Fixed: Access violation under specific case in trade menu
 + Fixed: Wrong font on Shipyard's buy button
 + Fixed: Stats not always showing properly when a game ends
 + Fixed: Sector Info panel  and Galactic map showing data that should be hidden by fog of war
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