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Older Changelog
« on: May 02, 2014, 06:52:31 PM »
0.5.0 Changelog

Here is the currently implemented changes for the next version of UG.
I'll try to keep that topic more or less up to date:

Last Update : 2014-05-19

Main Features
 + Added Warpgates
 + Added Bounty system
 + Added Basic mission system (using bounties)
 + Pirate Bases and new behaviors for pirates
 + New Shipyard menu to customize the ships you buy
 + Player Empire and Diplomacy
Improvements and Changes
 + Added player starting position with AI enabled and a starting empire
 + Added mission board UI to Trade Menu (not possible to accept mission yet)
 + Added bloom shading graphical option (experimental)
 + Added parallax scrolling
 + Ability for factions to either ignore, destroy or convert enemy factories
 + Ability for factions to self destruct factories when conquered
 + Added victory behavior and self destruct option to faction data
 + Changed how transports are handled when their home factory get destroyed
 + Defense fleets are much more responsive and less ships sleep in the HQ sector.
 + Improved pathfinder so it can use warp gates.
 + Trade window is resize friendly now
 + Opening the trade window pauses the game + Altered sector generator
 + Faction AI can build warpgates in core sectors
 + Added Pirate Bases object type
 + Pirates uses Pirate Base AI for their stations
 + Pirate bases will raid nearby transport ships with valuable cargo
 + Added ability for an object to get its followers   
 + Hangar.AttackWing send ships in formation
 + Pirate 'military' won't help other factions, and rarely help their own
 + Pirate AI doesn't build capital ships anymore
 + Pirate AI spawner now build pirate bases instead of military bases / trading station
 + Wealthy PB will buy capital ships to protect themselves
 + Made 'protect' order able to target stations
 + Added Bounty system
 + Added ability to track who killed a ship
 + Police patrol ships will try to intercept pirate raiders
 + Bounty assigned for destruction of ships
 + Total bounty of ships displayed in comm window
 + Followers will take their leader's job if it get destroyed
 + Improved rendering speed and quality noticeably
 + Using linked lists to manage game objects
 + Removed MapBuffer completely saving around 100Mb of RAM
 + 'Dead' objects should be freed from memory faster / better.
 + Cull distance calculation are now fully accurate
 + Background images and nebulas are taken into account by culling
 + Refactored drawing code
 + Managing homebased ships is much less CPU intensive and more secure
 + Added Tick thread for stuff that happen at regular intervals and get an ingame clock
 + Moved animation handling to tick thread so it's fps independent.
 + Improved Tick Thread performances
 + Moved Energy Management to tick thread to reduce cost of main AI thread
 + Reduced bullet collision detection CPU usage
 + Factory / station AI DoJob calls made independently and less often
 + Improved thread monitoring tools
 + Massive code cleanup
 + Actual movement done in TTPhysics reducing stutter / improving load balance
 + Individual ship AI called at regular intervals balancing CPU load further
 + Reduced CPU usage of FactoryAI thread in the same way
 + Trading less CPU consuming in very large galaxies
 + Loot Object AI moved back to main AI thread
 + Bullet DoJob interval made independent from Ship interval (set to 50ms from 100ms)

 + Fixed: It was possible to "target" explosions
 + Fixed: Possible to target something in another sector causing issues with missiles
 + Fixed: Cargo window crash when item has no image
 + Fixed: faction thread crash when no more stations can be built
 + Fixed: Explosions causing crash when player is in a sector where there's an invasion
 + Fixed: Loot window crash when getting all items if there's more than 1
 + Fixed: Selection box text and health size was depending on zoom level
 + Fixed: a bug allowing unlimited ore mines to be planted
 + Fixed: Loot drops not deleting themselves
 + Fixed: Comm window not following mainform
 + Fixed: Hiding the mainform don't close sub UI windows
 + Fixed: Factions unable to notice that their attack fleet got destroyed
 + Fixed: AttackSame order not handling case where leader has docked
 + Fixed: Typo in movetosector function than could lead to an error when a gate isn't found
 + Fixed: Animation related bugs
 + Fixed: Each nebula is displayed twice
 + Fixed: Memory leak on restart due to sector background not being deleted
 + Fixed: OnCollision on an already destroyed object
 + Fixed: Bug that would cause an attack to do nothing if target is docked   
 + Fixed: Workaround (cpu costly?) for Exception during AttackOrder
 + Fixed: Workaround when a buy order target the wrong object
 + Fixed: Factions could build 2 gates at the same location
 + Fixed: PB and Gates not showing in universe map
 + Fixed: Threads not quitting correctly
 + Fixed: Various thread related memory leaks
 + Fixed: Render thread not restarted on crash
 + Fixed: Typo in engine settings
 + Fixed: Player faction quitting wars automatically
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0.5.5 Release Changelog
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2014, 07:21:43 PM »

Last Update : 2014-07-01

Ship AI
 + Added Miner AI (finite state machine)
 + Added Bounty Hunter AI
 + Added Raider AI (still a bit buggy / barebone at the moment)
 + Ships with MinerAI will autoequip mining weapons
 + AI Ships can hire escort ships if rich enough
 + Added 'Suicide' order to remove irrelevant ships from the galaxy
 + Should have made things easier for ships to attack/follow a target that is docking often
 + Pirate Bases can target miners
Factions, War and Diplomacy
 + Added cap to "You destroyed our assets" diplo modifier
 + Added spawn Miners and Bounty hunters flags to faction data files
 + Added War Weariness setting to factions
 + Loosing military ships or sectors during a war increase war weariness
 + Factions need low war weariness to declare a war
 + Added taxation flags to faction data files
 + Factions need bad relations to declare war on each other
 + Added "we want this sector" negative diplomatic modifier (increase over time)
 + Wars last until too high war weariness or fleet destroyed
 + Invasions Fleets handled via Wing manager
 + Invasion fleets are better coordinated and fight as a whole

 + Dynamic price of trading wares (in trading stations only)
 + AI Ships have personal accounts and can pay taxes
 + Factories always buy/sell at average price (until we get something better)
 + Faction AI should 'collect' ship parts now
 + Altered bounty reward system to allow pay for pilots
 + "Ware decays" in trade stations gives money to the faction
 + Completed trading system so payements happen instead of letting ships buy and sell freely
 + Starting stations come with preloaded wares
 + Added a few random factories in starting territory of each faction

User Interface & Graphics
 + Fullscreen support
 + Support for any resolution and refresh rate supported by your monitor
 + New integrated galactic map with zoom and moving around features
 + It is possible to jump from the new galactic map
 + It is possible to look at any sector (sectorview) from the galactic map
 + New sector info popup when selecting a sector from galactic map
 + Added and completed some galactic news
 + Added stars in the galmap's background
 + Improved the Empire Manager's diplomacy tab
 + Improved the Trade window lists
 + Updated trading window to take dynamic prices into account
 + Reduced intensity of background color
 + New Fleet manager panel (list "fleets" linked to your 0-9 hotkeys)
 + Ability to switch camera to any fleet leader
 + Ability to select and manage ships across multiple sectors
 + Inverted shield/hull lines on selection overlay for consistency with GUI
 + Shields are displayed on stations (same way as ships)
 + Use the new "skin" for the news
 + Added categories to news
 + Ability to select military ships only ([ctrl]+select all)
 + Most recent news on top in news viewer
 + Moved target info to the top right'ish so it doesn't overlap

Weaponry and Equipment
 + Added support for different weapon and shield slot sizes for the same ship
 + Weaponry and targeting moved into its own component
 + Damage types are taken into account when calculating damages
 + Added "Mining" Damage Type (200% vs Roid / 30% vs other)
 + Different fire modes for different situations
 + Slightly improved how targets are selected

Misc Changes and Improvements
 + Factions need a fleet in an enemy sector to take over it
 + Made asteroids destructibles (and explode on death)
 + AI, Cargo, Weapon, Pilot, Bounty made into components pluggable on most game objects
 + Asteroids can respawn
 + MoveToSector will fall back correctly to the owning sector if target is a hangar
 + IsFoe should handle stations now (ships can now determine by themselves if a station is a foe or not)
 + Trading stations will post "buy" missions only if below max ware amount
 + Added min/max prices and max storage to ware data

Performances & Refactoring
 + FPS cap now handle monitors with a refresh rate different from 60Hz
 + Reduced CPU usage of weapons by caching the list of objects that can be hit
 + Increased uncapped fps delay by 1ms to reduce input lag
 + Changed weapons time to live from AI cycle to time spent to prevent accumulation of bullets in large battles
 + Laser objects reused instead of being rebuilt each few milliseconds
 + Culling of out of view sectors in the galactic map
 + Moving away from oriented object programming toward a more modern Container / Component approach
 + Made a frame to display news
 + All tabs displaying news are using the frame
 + Increased uncapped fps delay by 1ms to reduce input lag
 + Removed old GalMap window completely
 + Somewhat improved WeaponSystem performances (caching max/min range)
 + Parked ships updated through the Hangar component's update function
 + Cleaned up most code compilation warnings
 + Added failsafe to thread killers
 + The shield system is a component now
 + Shield and weapon auto equipment moved into respective components
 + Delayed removal of ship objects to avoid exceptions
 + Graphical part moved into it's own component
 + Refactored some code to remove stuff that's now useless
 + The shield system is a component now
 + Shield and weapon auto equipment moved into respective components
 + Graphical and "Find Stuff" part moved into their own components
 + Loads of small code changes

 + Fixed: Issue on DirectX9 cards than may cause massive framerate issues
 + Fixed: 99% of exception related crashes
 + Fixed: Exception when selecting in an empty sector
 + Fixed: Sector takeover "ping-pong"
 + Fixed: Factions spawning miners when they don't control sectors with ore
 + Fixed: Another "playership is dead" exception
 + Fixed: A* pathing crash: SetDirection was pointing to a sector that doesn't exists
 + Fixed: Factions unable to clear enemy military bases in their territory
 + Fixed: Idiotic bug causing laser to be displayed at the wrong place
 + Fixed: Factions with KillEnemyStationsOnInvade not checking ownership of stations
 + Fixed: Adding ships to a wing was making duplicate entries in the list
 + Fixed: Receiving relation bonus for being at war against an 'always at war' faction
 + Fixed: Ship.MoveToSector toward somewhere that doesn't exists anymore caused issues.
 + Fixed: Police/military helping people with a bounty
 + Fixed: Player faction still building stuff if set to no AI
 + Fixed: Gates and Factories changing hand not changing color / name
 + Fixed: Thread related "I don't want to close" bug
 + Fixed: Thread sometimes not quitting correctly
 + Fixed: TimerThread Exception on factory destroyed
 + Fixed: Issue in autoequip
 + Fixed: no check for class in GetMyShips
 + Fixed: No failsafe in Environment.KillEverything
 + Fixed: GetHostileList not getting enemy docks into account
 + Fixed: Small logic issue in AttackSame
 + Fixed: Escort ship without orders when the leader dies
 + Fixed: Weapon system able to target self
 + Fixed: Stations not using game's data to determine what they should trade in
 + Fixed: Bug when a station has "use local ware" set to false
 + Fixed: Many windows are too tall in large resolutions
 + Fixed: Loot drop has no "die" method
 + Fixed: Sell Panel in Trade window don't take dynamic price into account
 + Fixed: Protect / AttackSame orders stopping on docked ships
 + Fixed: Bug in GetShipByAI
 + Fixed: Hangar.SendWingAgainst not checking if target is alive
 + Fixed: Not possible to select your own ships out of sector
 + Fixed: Stuff can't be selected in a sector looked at from the map
 + Fixed: weapon system ignoring energy limits
 + Fixed: Docks not refreshing their components
 + Fixed: Exception on quit if Empire Manager is open
 + Fixed: Some rare cases where a faction would fail to get a new target sector
 + Fixed: Defense grid overriding invasion fleet orders
 + Fixed: Testing for 'nil' instead of using assigned in Exists/IsClass functions
 + Fixed: Ships not properly removed from wings on death
 + Fixed: The player can take over civilian ships (conflict with AI)
 + Fixed: Patrol and Kill All orders can't be queued
 + Fixed: Exception on quit when galactic map is selected
 + Fixed: Fullscreen crash on exit
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0.6.0 Release Changelog
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2014, 10:11:56 PM »
Here is the currently implemented changes for the next version of UG.
I'll try to keep that topic more or less up to date:

Last Update : 2014-08-01

New Features
+ Ability to load and save the game
+ Music support
+ Missions (kill and trading missions)
+ Improved ship to ship combat AI

 + Building ship do not require to go back home before getting now orders
 + Added Resupply & Repair order
 + Faction AI check for carriers without enough fighters and order them to resupply
 + Added ability for ship combat AI to switch target during a fight
 + Added Factory Trader AI module for ships (replaces outdated trade manager)
 + Improved combat evasion and targeting

 + Added ability to play music (mp3, wav, wma)
 + Music volume game setting is working as expected
 + Added max range for jumping and comms with stations
 + Factories post supply missions
 + Added "reputation" setting for the player toward each faction (will unlock stuff later on)
 + Trade Stations list all available missions in a given sector
 + Added ability to help a ship which is under attack (mission with monetary reward)
 + Ships which are at war with the player will refuse to talk
 + Added "Stop Attack Me" option to comms

 + Added several suns and planets
 + Fixed a few issues with alpha transparency (still some remaining)
 + Made the GUI a bit darker for better lisibility
 + Added delay & animation to station building

User Interface
 + Added popup menu to give orders to individual ships (lot of stuff still need to be added/fixed)
 + Added menu to setup player's factories
 + Added game loading screen
 + Fleet Widget, Ship Setup and Empire Manager windows are updated in real time
 + Added "center camera on playership" key
 + Window transparency is optional now
 + Added FireMode and FriendFire settings in ship settings
 + New menu replacing ShipInfo for player owned ships
 + Ability to change many ship settings
 + Ability to equip weapons using the same menu type as the shipyard
 + Removed stuff that became useless from Ship Info
 + Finished hangar tabs in ship scan, ship orders and station comms
 + Increased maximum "un zoom" level by quite a bit
 + Added ability to [shift]+lasso to select additional ships
 + Added Asset list to Empire Manager
 + Added 'center camera', 'take control' and 'ship setup' access from asset list
 + Added several filters to asset list
 + Added settings for logging of important events to empire window
 + Added mission list to empire manager
 + Added mission tab to trade windows
 + Max Zoom Level and Speed settings are working
 + Shipyard price refresh in realtime
 + Formatted most prices in trade window
 + Auto set max amount of stuff to buy according to cargo space
 + Added "home" info to hangar tab
General Improvements
 + Improved text content of most news
 + All news use the gamestring file
 + Mission System added to the game
 + tweaked loot drop probability (less likely in general; equipments drop rate from 10 to 5% per slot)
 + Reduced max mining ships (proportional to ore sector count instead of all sector count)
 + Ships can move in all directions (not yet correct rotation)
 + Acceleration / slowing down is handled better
 + Added 3 friendly fire settings to WeaponSystem (none, faction, hostile)
 + Added ability to loop for animations
 + Increased ship hit-boxes a bit
 + Ejecting cargo will make a loot drop
 + Pirate bases are placed in the outer region of sectors
 + Standard docks are placed in the center region of sectors
 + "Hull" indicator of a loot drop proportional to it's time to live left

Code Optimization and Refactoring
 + WeaponSystem disabled if the owner is docked
 + Improved speed of some calculations in WeaponSystem
 + AI Thread modified to handle only sectors with a particular ID
 + Made the amount of AI threads easy to change through a constant
 + Increased the amount of AI threads to 4 (will make it core dependent / configurable)
 + Missiles and Homing Mines use physic thread to move instead of AI
 + Animations, movement, orders are components now
 + Somewhat improved rendering speed
 + Removed many intermediate classes thanks to the component system
 + Lasers don't need movement so it has been removed from the object saving some memory
 + All objects have a delay before deletion to prevent rare exceptions
 + Added some utility methods (GetWeapon/ShieldForWare, OrderToString)
 + Unified the way timers are handled (currenttick removed in favor of system time)
 + DoJob changed from a function to a procedure (small cpu gain in theory)
 + Remade the way beams are handled, should improve performances in combat
 + Reduced CPU cost of IsFoe function
 + Made "Attack" command faster by removing the call to GetObjByUniqueID
 + Improved how environments are cleaned (speed & reliability)
 + Added warning and skip when object limit is reached in a sector
 + Improved several part of the code where NodeCount is used (listing stuff in a sector)
 + Added (large) upper limit to the amount of bullets and explosions
 + Drastically reduced TTL of dead bullets
 + Removed some useless time consuming checks in AI threads
 + Removed trade manager and replaced with functions in TSensor
 + Added Message handling class
 + Added OnLeaderKilled message for ships

Bug Fixes
 + Fixed: It was not possible for the playership to mine asteroids
 + Fixed: Ability to buy unavailable ships from SY using profiles
 + Fixed: A few small bugs in ship equipement menu
 + Fixed: Small bug causing some objects not to be shown correctly in standard view
 + Fixed: Shoot Exception if restart a game and something was selected before
 + Fixed: Unequipping a weapon which fired recently causes a crash
 + Fixed: Small issue in fMoveTo method
 + Fixed: Crashes when playership dies
 + Fixed: Bug allowing stations to be put into ctrl groups causing weird crashes
 + Fixed: Crash if ship on camera is docking
 + Fixed: Trade Mission manager exception
 + Fixed: targeting one of your ship wouldn't necesseraly select it
 + Fixed: No building animation if the building ship is already at destination
 + Fixed: Bounty Hunter without orders from time to time
 + Fixed: Raider AI unable to attack a target
 + Fixed: Raider AI standing still when it can't find a target
 + Fixed: Follow order still using AI thread to move (was unused, but still a bug)
 + Fixed: Ships stand still instead of avoiding during combat
 + Fixed: FireAtTarget forget to check if target is in the same sector (oops)
 + Fixed: No synch for popup -> could cause random crashes
 + Fixed: DirectX9 issues (?)
 + Fixed: No click-through in trade menu items (making selection weird)
 + Fixed: No delay for asteroid deletion causing rare exceptions
 + Fixed: AI ships buying too many escort ships
 + Fixed: Issues in TSensor that would cause a ship not to find attackers or followers
 + Fixed: Canceling an orders was calling OnCancelOrders after instead of before the act
 + Fixed: Missiles not self destructing when target is out of sector
 + Fixed: Exception on leader killed when a ship is in handled by another thread
 + Fixed: No check if object still alive in asset list
 + Fixed: Rare exception in WeaponSystem's laser "cache"
 + Fixed: Trade Manager related exceptions
 + Fixed: Buying stuff at shipyard was "free"
 + Fixed: Buy Order would clear all order stack when changing target dock
 + Fixed: OnShipDelete would call cancel orders while the ship may be already destroyed
 + Fixed: Made the quitting of the game more reliable
 + Fixed: Ships trying to shoot objects that are too far away
 + Fixed: Ships in combat not 'fleeing' correctly
 + Fixed: Bug in one of the rarely used "move around" methods   
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0.6.3 Release Changelog
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2014, 07:32:39 PM »
Here is the currently implemented changes for 0.6.2 and 0.6.3 releases

Last Update : 2014-08-10

 + Added game profiles (3 game starts are currently available)
 + Made bullet speed and range proportional to ship's movement
 + Attack fleets should reinforce as needed
 + It's possible to sell/buy weapons and shields at shipyards, mil.bases and pirate bases

 + Added proper starting and game loading screens
 + Display your current funds in buy tab of the trading menu
 + Added size to weapons/shields in buy trade window

Game Engine
 + Updated DirectX Engine for DX9 to DX11 support
 + New bug report system
 + Colors of factions are hardcoded to prevent weird exception
 + Cleared loads of warnings
 + Moved back from cardinals to integers to avoid conversion on the fly

 + Fixed: Some user settings not applied until game restart
 + Fixed: Another small memory leak
 + Fixed: Save system class not deleted on game end
 + Fixed: Windows 8 rendering issues
 + Fixed: Exception when scrolling journal while a new item is added
 + Fixed: Exception if a follower deletes his order before his leader is killed
 + Fixed: Ships going faster than the bullets they are firing
 + Fixed: Weird issue in wing management allowing for a same ship to be included multiple times
 + Fixed: Trade window crash if no image assigned to a ware
 + Fixed: Trackbar in buy tab going over the amount of ware the station has
 + Fixed: It was still possible to pick up loot from anywhere
 + Fixed: Never ending wars due to reinforcements
 + Fixed: Weird new rare exception (probably caused by engine's update)
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0.7.0 Release Changelog
« Reply #4 on: August 24, 2014, 07:41:50 PM »
Here is the list of changes implemented for Unending Galaxy 0.7.0 Alpha.

Last Update : 2014-09-14

 + Factions can refuse to make peace or ask for a tribute
 + You can ally other friendly factions
 + Ability to request a faction to make peace / declare war on another
 + Ability to bribe a faction for temporary relation boost
 + AI Factions at war between themselves can concede sectors / money to make peace
 + AI factions can ally
 + Added ability for factions to bribe others in declaring war on an enemy
 + Some diplomatic actions will only be tried if an AI faction succeeds a test for its diplomatic skill

Faction AI
 + Made factions able to evaluate the mil.strength of a sector when there are fleets from multiple enemies
 + Made possible for factions to change target when at war with multiple enemies
 + Factions are better at picking who to attack and when
 + AI factions will not invade allies
 + AI allies will join in defensive wars
 + Improved how factions manage their defensive forces
 + Added ability to ignore specific sectors completely during expansion (useful for "special" locations)
 + Improved how factions evaluate possible threats on their territory
 + Made the building of new warpgates a priority over other buildings
 + With no immediate threat, factions will dispatch fleets according to value of sectors
 + Faction Defensive AI won't pull warships from sectors that are targeted by another faction anymore
 + targeted sectors are protected in priority
 + Made factions a bit more clever at determining what factory to build and where
 + Factions are a bit slower at choosing sectors to invade (test for aggressiveness)
 + Factions much more capable at handling several wars at once
 + Factions will send their damaged capital ships to repair
 + Instead of cancelling war if no common border, it has a large influence on WantPeace

Ship AI
 + Added Swarm Queen AI
 + Pirate Raiders collect loot drops and sell cargo at pirate bases 
 + Attack fleets are better at cleaning up a sector with few remaining enemies
 + Bounty hunters won't hunt allied factions
 + Ships already busy escorting, attacking, invading, fleeing won't answer calls for help anymore
 + Prevented traders from selling "Ship Parts" to other factions
 + Traders from factions that are low on funds won't buy from 3rd party
 + Added 'cease fire' and 'minimum war duration' to prevent declaration of war/peace spam
 + Factions won't insta-build military ships for free anymore, time and ships parts are required
 + Added basic gate-less jump mechanism both for AI and player
 + Ships more likely to install weapons for their own class (no more big ships with fighter weapons)
 + Bounty hunters won't hunt allied factions
 + Added manpower concept
 + Completed "Automation" settings in the Empire Manager
 + Added Repair bays to shipyards, military and pirate bases
 + Control groups can be ordered to fly and execute orders in formation
 + Sector Map Right click on an object from an allied faction will order to protect instead of attack
 + Added Space Rifts ('monster' spawner)
 + Factions start with a supply of ship parts to get them started (player included)
 + Made builder ship count proportional to amount of capital sectors
 + SPQR faction get bonus to manpower
 + Added SPQR special event 'Phoenix Rises'
 + Added factions' favorite planet type (gets bonuses for owning such planets)
 + Manpower depends on owned planet and colony types instead of sector count
 + type and quantity of factory that can be built depends on sector's data
 + Tweaking amount of raiders per pirate base
 + Shield systems takes 1,5 sec without being hit before recharging
 + Factions won't drop bounties on military fleets anymore (was causing too much mayhem)
 + Slightly reduced bounty rewards
 + Reworked military production repartition (cruiser/frigates more common than capitals)
Game World
 + Sectors will be automatically named after their planet if possible
 + Capital sector moved from the sun to the best planet of a solar system
 + Planets and suns aren't put at random anymore, map is much more coherent
 + Updated default map: a bit bigger and better balanced
 + Increased sector size by 20%
 + Improved initial placement and type of factories to quick start economy
 + Planets have settlements (of various kind) giving bonuses to the owner
 + Reduced the total number of asteroid spawned
 + Number of asteroids in a sector is proportional to the "asteroid density" setting
 + Asteroids can be placed randomly or in a cluster (tbi)
Graphics & User Interface
 + Change color code for ally (green) / neutral (gold) in diplomacy menu
 + Remade diplomacy menu
 + Added options to prevent your factories from buying from or selling to other factions
 + Added "Center Camera on Target" keyboard shortcut
 + Diplomacy menu shows proper relation and attitude instead of raw numbers
 + Empire screen shows maximum manpower
 + Selected ships are highlighted on the galactic map (in yellow)
 + Added formation button in fleet panel
 + Added shipyard menu, queue ships to build
 + Made font bigger in sector info panel
 + Added animations for jumps
 + Added several unique ship/station graphics and variants
 + Cosmetic changes to empire manager
 + Added some icons to the galactic news
 + Game saving doesn't need the "game loading" window anymore
 + Sector Info Menu added (display bonuses, settlement, factory count/max..)
 + Changed menus from sub forms to frames integrated in main window
 + Improved responsiveness and stability of the GUI
 + Updated display style of several menus
 + Added ship part count to empire menu
 + Updated UI to manage multiple war targets
 + Added announcement for SPQR event
Game Data
 + Added swarm queens, guardians and spores "ships"
 + Added specific swarm weapon
 + Added new Core heavy fighter
 + Altered and rebalanced other AI Core ships and stations
 + Added weapon system to many AI Core stations
 + Added several new ships
 + Slighly reduced amount of fighters carriers can carry
 + Rebalanced core shields (a bit heavier) and weapons (longer range)
 + Non core shields got much bigger capacity but reduced reload rate
 + Rebalanced energy recharge rate of battleships (increased)
 + Reduced fire rate of missiles but massively increased damages
 + Added minor faction (Neo SPQR -> human splinter group)
 + Unique ships and stations for the Neo SPQR
 + Made laser beams less godly
 + Rebalanced some factories production and needs
 + Added illegal pirate factories (drug lab, slave pits and small arms factory)
 + Added unique Drath Heavy Plasma Launcher
 + Made pirates use their own stations only
 + Added new and improved some existing sprites
 + Replaced buggy vulture cargo ship graphic by another sprite
 + Made the Drath Solar Power Plant better than the stock counterpart
 + Updated factions' descriptions
 + Made manpower, military strength, ship parts ship dependent
 + Made ship parts production loop shorter / cheaper
 + Added jump settings to ship data files / editor
 + Added weapon systems to all military bases

 + Galactic Map rendering 50% less CPU intensive
 + General performances improvement
 + Added support for multiple Physics threads (3 for world + 1 for camera)
 + Currently displayed sector runs on its own physics and AI threads for max  perf.
 + Increased strength value of capital ships (used to determine how many ships of other classes are needed to kill one)
 + slightly improved repair/resupply hull repair speed
 + Weapon systems on stations is set to attackall instead of defensive
 + Tweaked pathfinder a bit
 + Longer delay between AI state updates
 + Made diplomatic table easier to navigate, removed redundent code
 + Rewritten IsFoe function to handle alliances
 + Map loader will automatically fill all sector clusters that have a faction assigned on gamestart (instead of one single cluster/faction)
 + Added ship command to collect loot drops
 + Added "Spawner" component -> can spawn ships at regular intervals
 + Removed Dock related thread (moved to the general AI threads)
 + Reworked factory related code
 + Some improvements to movetopos function
 + Added Self Destruct component
 + Added shipyard component
 + Updated save system
 + Sector templates removed, using map editor's data instead
 + Default sector size can altered using 2 constants
 + Updated movement component code and changed 'magic numbers' into constants
 + Added option to disallow moving object from using gates
 + Moved back WeaponSystem Reload code into the component itself
 + Moved menu auto refresh from Input to Render thread
 + Added some defensive coding in areas where performance is irrelevant
 + Removed thread respawning code (code is secure enough now)
 + Faction's military strength evaluation will ignore civilian ships
 + Rewritten how menus are opened and closed
 + Reduced savegame bloat caused by cargo components
 + Rewritten the order manager component
 + Object deletion method less "hacky"
 + Weapon System is called every 50ms instead of every update
 + Cached ship access to their weapon and shield systems
 + Added planet editor
 + Added sun editor
 + Updated Map Editor accordingly
 + Fixed: Rare exception in Sector map rendering if lines of targeting are enabled
 + Fixed: Some issues with the Empire Manager menu
 + Fixed: Logic issue that cause RaiderAI and BountyHunterAI to halt forever
 + Fixed: MakePeace function wasn't handling all cases
 + Fixed: Leftover player owned sectors even if he doesn't start as an empire
 + Fixed: diplo/war mechanism 'previous owner of a sector' not working
 + Fixed: Small but constant memory leak related to string format
 + Fixed: (hopefully) Pirate on Pirate raids
 + Fixed: Escape key not always working correctly
 + Fixed: Game profile initial relation with factions not applied
 + Fixed: Some more exceptions handled better
 + Fixed: Gameprofile not setting alliances properly
 + Fixed: CallForHelp function leading to weird friend vs friend combats
 + Fixed: Crash if a faction is defined without available ship part production facility
 + Fixed: Double clicking a fleet in the fleet panel doesn't unselect other ships first
 + Fixed: rounding issue in Map Editor causing to select wrong sector
 + Fixed: Sensor component -> GetObjectList (rare) possible crash
 + Fixed: GetShypardList error preventing resupply orders and constructor spawn
 + Fixed: Defense Grid not retrieving ships in foreign sectors
 + Fixed: Pathing still sometimes using enemy gates when it shouldn't
 + Fixed: Cargo ships suicide runs in territory of faction forbidding foreign trade
 + Fixed: potential exception / thread collision related to weapon component
 + Fixed: Crash if starting as an empire on a map that doesn't support it
 + Fixed: Failure to render scene if starting a 2nd game without restarting the application
 + Fixed: Trading issue related to ship equipments [0.6.3 specific bug]
 + Fixed: theorically possible to crash display in galaxy map mode
 + Fixed: Pirate Raiders spawning ad infinitum (now proportional to Pirate Base count)
 + Fixed: Loading crash if there's ships that are jumping
 + Fixed: Pause menu opening not sync with other threads
 + Fixed: Video recording of the game may not show menus
 + Fixed: Various issues with the UI 'skin'
 + Fixed: Factions deleted random roids even if no available mine
 + Fixed: Military strength of faction badly evaluated
 + Fixed: Factions' Asset List not taking docked ships into account
 + Fixed: Issue where 2 enemy factions would never make peace
 + Fixed: Game profile escort ships stopping following playership after a while
 + Fixed: Nasty crash if two AI or Physic threads are colliding on same sector
 + Fixed: docks built on top of other docks from time to time
 + Fixed: Bounty still placed on fighters owned by military carriers
 + Fixed: It was still possible for a faction to invade sectors specifically marked as "do not invade" in the map editor
 + Fixed: Hiding mainform won't close menus anymore
 + Fixed: Possible memory leak if there's an exception in sector.getdistance
 + Fixed: Builder/Military pathing through "no foreign allowed" factions
 + Fixed: Pirate Base protection ships docking at PB but they shouldn't
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0.7.4 Release Changelog
« Reply #5 on: September 18, 2014, 08:48:18 AM »
Here is the list of changes currently implemented for next release

Last Update : 2014-10-10

Faction AI
 + Factions unable to gather a fleet strong enough to attack a sector will cancel their assault
 + Faction can spend their money to buy limited amount of ship parts if they need to
 + Updated the way factions value sectors by taking colonies and planet types into account
 + Factions will repair military cruisers and frigates in addition to their capitals and carriers
 + Damage threshold before seeking repairs going from 50% damaged to 33% damaged
 + Prevent invasion fleets from leaving gathering sector if there's enemy ships already there
Ship AI
 + If no orders given to ships built, they will idle to avoid cluttering the SY
 + Added basic Police ship AI
 + Pirate raiders able to jump and flee to safety when in danger
 + Pirate raiders able to seek repairs when needed

 + Police ships occasionally scan cargo bays for illegal wares
 + Police more likely to use cruisers and frigates
 + Reduced spawn rate of patrol ships built by stations
 + Implemented Tech Groups (Factions will use ships, docks and weaponry of their chosen tech group)
 + Added several traits to further define factions.
 + The player can choose his traits and laws when starting a new game
 + Added "Kill this pirate base" missions
 + Reduced jump countdown from 10 to 8 seconds
 + Slightly increased the changes for ships to drop loot on death
 + Pirates Bases put into random non pirate owned sectors at game start
 + Added ability to set specific nebula sprite on specific sector
 + Nebulas can be more or less dense
 + Highly increased the amount of clouds in nebulas
 + Updated Galaxia map to reflect the changes
 + Made parallax scrolling more noticeable
 + Ships can rotate to any angle instead of 'locking' to one of the 8 fixed directions
 + Added new weapon sprites for several bullets and missiles
 + Not all background stars scroll at the same speed
 + Gates rotate slowly

 + Added Quick save/load keyboard shortcuts and support
 + Added option to invert mouse wheel zoom function
 + Drag selection not longer select non ships (as it was useless anyway)
 + Clicking a 3rd party ship no longer unselect your own ships (if any)
 + Added shortcut key to show sector info
 + Less clicks needed in the key setup menu: click the menu, press the new key and you're set.

User Interface - Empire Manager
 + Added more empire statistics to the empire manager
 + Empire manager resize in height according to screen resolution
 + Removed "faction is targeting X sector" galactic news spam due to new invasion system

User Interface - Sector Map
 + Added health/shield/name overlay on sector map
 + Display destination when issuing attack-move / move orders to a different sector
 + Display if orders are given to fleets or to individual ships

User Interface - Game Starting Menu
 + Added a main game menu
 + The previously used start menu is used when clicking "New Game"
 + Added map selection and visualisation tab to initial game setup menu
 + Made game setup menu resize friendly
 + Added more help tooltips to "New Game" menu
 + Removed option to start with the pirate faction AI (not working, not supported)
 + Added UI for custom player faction tech, bonuses and laws
User Interface - Save System
 + Added menu to load and save the game
 + Added multiple savegame support
 + Added date stamp to savegames
 + Added ability to add a comment to a savegame
User Interface - General
 + Added alert message when someone declare war on the player
 + Ship info panels are the same in all windows
 + Added jump info, manpower and ship part cost to ship info
 + More user friendly values are used when describing a weapon
 + Equipment / Shipyard redesign with popup to show weapon and shield info
 + Added more info to the weapon info popups
 + Made the Build menu compatible with the new limits to factory / station count per sector
 + Improved shipyard menu and added ship info when choosing a ship
 + Added ability to create/reinforce control groups from shipyard menu
 + Added sprites to Factory Settings and Shipyard Menu
 + Made trade menu resize friendly
 + Unified how transparency is handled in the menus (default transparency much less aggressive)
 + Added popup info to left side bar buttons
 + Added option to toggle tooltips on/off
 + Made titles in all menus the same size
 + Small redesign of Ship Setup menu to match the style used in other menus
 + Unified overlay color scheme in normal view and sector map
 + Added info about weapons and shields in trade window (right click)
 + Button in Ship Setup menu is now working
 + Added game credits

 + Added new weapons, including the new nuclear warhead (unique to human federation)
 + Major rebalance of all existing weapons and shields
 + All weapon range increased a bit
 + Updated Galaxia map so nebula regions have coherent nebulas sprites
 + Tuned down AI Core weapons a bit (still long range, but weaker damage)
 + Added new large symetrical map
 + Reduced hull strength of SPQR fighters and Core capital ships

 + Added static defense object type (need editor and AI putting it into game)
 + Changed thread priorities so the game should behave better when CPU load is high
 + Added Energy Generator component
 + Moved shield reload code into shield system component
 + Moved energy management functions from objects to component
 + Tick thread only handle roids and missions now (in need of a renaming)
 + Moved click-drag ship selection from RenderThread to InputThread
 + Updated save system to manage the new features
 + Savegames keep track of control groups and attack fleets properly
 + Added ability to retrieve player info from savegames
 + Cached calculations of Sector Menace/Threat military values
 + Added additional texts to describe recently implemented orders
 + Added Flee and Jump Away order to ships
 + Fixed: Crash during game loading if using mouse wheel
 + Fixed: Crash in empire manager if changing the player's color (removed the option)
 + Fixed: Savegames not retrieving planets / suns / backdrops info properly causing random issues
 + Fixed: Empire Manager ignores "select attack sector" flag
 + Fixed: Military ships helping people from other faction causing unwanted trouble
 + Fixed: Rare exception on menu diplay that would cause a menu to freeze
 + Fixed: Shift + selection not always working as expected
 + Fixed: Follow Me and Attack Target orders couldn't be queued
 + Fixed: Wrong position of UI elements in Trade menu buy and sell tabs
 + Fixed: Select All was selecting civilian ships too (but shouldn't)
 + Fixed: Player faction AI stop working when loading a savegame.
 + Fixed: Transparency settings not applied
 + Fixed: Bullets fired horizontally or vertically not properly positioned
 + Fixed: Potential error message when the player has nothing left
 + Fixed: Input Thread not fully deleted when a game ends
 + Fixed: Outdated savegams crashing the game, deleting the file instead
 + Fixed: Japanese (?) keys displayed in key setup menu
 + Fixed: Control groups in formation ignore shift-queued orders
 + Fixed: Savegames not keeping track of shipyard orders
 + Fixed: Savegames not keeping track of control groups and attack fleets
 + Fixed: Empire Manager auto refresh cancel mission selection
 + Fixed: Military and pirate bases don't send fighters properly when under direct attack
 + Fixed: It was possible that more swarms than intended would be spawned
 + Fixed: Extremely rare but possible Input thread related crash
 + Fixed: Not checking "auto send fleets against sector" cause the engine not to detect successful manual invasions by the player
 + Fixed: Player's ships / control groups ignoring move orders if dest sector is empty
 + Fixed: Player can buy infinite amount of stuff from docks despite them being empty
 + Fixed: Incorrect aspect ratio of background objects in sector view
 + Fixed: Weapon/Shield info popup not "popuping" properly
 + Fixed: Mouse wheel not working when selecting a sector on world map
 + Fixed: Savegame issue that will duplicate pirate bases and make the copy a trading station
 + Fixed: Savegame related memory leak
 + Fixed: IsClass would answer True if the object is a child of the desired class
 + Fixed: Issues when displaying images in some menus (wrong aspect ratio for ships...)
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Re: Changelog for next release
« Reply #6 on: September 19, 2014, 10:02:27 PM »
It's a really nice addition and a good way to follow the work in progress, thanks.


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Beta 1 [v0.8.0] Changelog
« Reply #7 on: October 13, 2014, 10:34:08 PM »
Here is the full changelog of Unending Galaxy [Beta 1]

AI - Factions
 + Factions are much better at handling their money
 + Made shipyard building higher priority than military bases
 + Factions can transfer money between accounts when needed
 + Not all factions manage their money the same way (siraks send more money toward military, the federation toward diplomacy, ..)
 + Some factions (siraks and pirates) can spawn civilian scavenging ships
 + Bounty hunter and scavenger spawn cap proportional to amount of capital sectors (instead of total sectors)
 + AI Core doesn't use money anymore (docks are free, otoh they cannot convert money into ship parts)
 + Factions with a territory >1/3 of the map will become less aggressive
AI - Ships
 + New AI : Scavenger Ship (collect loot dropped by others and sell it)
 + New AI : Spacefly
 + New AI : Spacefly Hunter
 + Most individual ship AI can flee and seek repairs
 + Reduced amount of time some AI ships can stay docked doing nothing
 + Police forces (and some other categories) will follow offenders until they leave their solar system
 + Fixed some cases were 2 military ships would fight despite peace time (caused by call for help from 3rd party)
Communications (ship to ship)
 + Added option to ask pirate for the nearest pirate base
 + Added option to sell your cargo to traders who are looking for it
 + Added option to ask a ship to surrender its cargo (if any)

 + Added option to request a tribute from another faction
 + War weariness (when very high) has a bigger impact on the decision to make peace
 + Effectiveness of bribes varies from faction to faction.
 + New negative relation modifier: dislike of big empires (>1/3 of the map)
 + Balanced pricing of weapons, shields, docks and ships
 + Building stations cost money
 + Factions receive more initial money to cover for said building costs
 + Factions use separate account for diplomacy, military, building and general matters
 + Good transport between factories of same faction no longer require money
 + Construction speed of docks (default speed) doubled
 + Military bases will accept to buy all ship equipment (including foreign ones)
 + Improved trading jobs dispatch
 + Civilian pay taxes when they make a profit instead of getting a % removed periodically from their total funds
Fog of War ** New **
 + Added ability to hide objects in sectors the player don't have assets in
 + Stations, once revealed stay revealed, but ships don't
 + FoW is optional and can be disabled when starting a new game
Game Data
 + Slight weapon and shield tuning
 + Several new ships (mostly pirates)
 + Ships turn rate heavily increased to improve how movements look
 + Adjusted price of some wares
 + Updated all maps
 + Changed Sirak flag
Gameplay & World
 + Added extremely basic "declare independence" mechanism
 + Added initial cease fire timer to factions so maps with full fledged empires won't fall into chaos immediately
 + Asteroids renamed to "Rocks (iron ore)", "Rocks (crystal)" ..
 + Destroyed ships can drop passengers
 + You can sell passengers to slave pits (money gain)
 + You can bring back passengers to the safety of a trade stations (50% money gain + reputation)
 + Ships "glide" longer when their engine is off
 + Renamed "Constructor" to "Dock Builder"
 + Renamed "Loot!" to "Cargo Pod"
 + Renamed asteroid miners to "mining" ships (instead of "civilian")
 + Sectors linked to solar systems and named accordingly
 + Implemented random name generator for pilots of all 3 races (no more John Doe XYZ)
 + Improved hitboxes of small ships
 + Spaceflies spawn in a few rare ore belts.
 + Some factions (pirates, isa, federation) will spawn spacefly hunting ships
 + Added some more stuff ;)
 + Bloom shaders should work as expected and with much less impact on FPS
 + Added some new nebulae and planets
 + Replaced Sirak transport with one more consistent with other Sirak ships
 + Made asteroids bigger
 + Better sprites for many factories
 + Better sprites for drath, sirak and human specific stations
 + Added many new icons
 + Added custom crosshairs
 + Interpolation (video) settings working as intended
Independence ** New **
 + Added option to transition from pilot to empire leader
 + Option available in the empire manager
 + All sectors with a player trading station / military base / shipyard will be given to the player
 + All factions who lost a sector will declare war on the player
Map Settings
 + "Hide unexplored sectors" setting is now working properly
 + Undiscovered sectors next to explored ones appear in transparency / darker on the galactic map
 + Initial expansion setting is now working
 + Added option to start with a large player empire
 + Added option to set a military manpower multiplier
 + Added option to set initial amount of resources given to factions
 + Added option to set the pacing of the game (build times, expansion, production...)

Mission System
 + Added highlight of target object for cargo missions
 + Opening the mission tab in empire manager will highlight the current mission

 + Massive performance improvement in very populated maps / long games
 + halved physics threads CPU cost (wasn't high to begin with)
 + Reduced AI threads CPU cost by a tiny bit (still lot of work to be done)
 + Some very often used combat related functions are less CPU consuming
 + Cached current order and target of ships to get better performances in many critical parts
 + Cached sector's GetMilitaryStrength (may speed up pirate ship AI and faction AI a bit)
 + Other misc code optimizations
 + Changed the way components are stored so access and addition are faster
 + Saving the game takes much less time
 + Cached asteroid list (reducing cpu cost of miners, spaceflies)
 + Option to set the volume for sound effects is now working as intended
 + Added weapon sound effects (for the ship the camera is on) and explosions
 + Added menu opening sound effects
 + Added "Jump" sound effect
 + Added sound for the ship's engines
 + Setting sound/music volume to zero will prevent sounds from playing instead of muting (less cpu usage)

 + Holding down [Shift] show the overlay (health and name) of all ships and docks
 + Said overlay's look has been improved
 + "Exit to main menu" go back to the main menu instead of the splash screen
 + Added solar system information to relevant menus
 + Text displayed when changing sector shows system and uses owner's color
 + Improved log at the bottom, can show up to 4 lines and use colors (red = bad event, green = good event)
 + Trade/Comm button (and keyboard shortcut) become a contextual "Use" button  (comms, trade, loot, use wargate)
 + Trade/Comm button's icon change according to context
 + Jump button moved to the galactic menu bar
 + Added more help tooltips / updated existing ones
 + Slight redesign of the left menu bar
 + Added "get repairs/resupply" to individual ship command menu
 + Unpausing the game no longer reset the view mode to standard
 + The cargo tab used in many menus has been improved
UI - Bookmarks ** New **
 + Added "bookmark" widget (similar to the fleet one) to keep track of important player ships/docks
 + Double clicking an item in the list open its setup menu
 + Left click only select the object
 + Bookmarks sorted by class > name
UI - Cargo Transfer ** New **
 + Menu used to transfer cargo between player owned ships (and stations)
 + The two objects need to be close by
 + Double click an item to quickly transfer it
 + Use the trackbar for a more precise transfer

UI - Communication Channel
 + Redesign of the menu with more colors and information
 + Added pilot's name, sex and race info
 + Added pilot's portrait (not a lot of them, but better than nothing)

UI - Dock Building Menu ** New **
 + New menu used to build docks and stations
 + Show list + stats, price, description and image for all stations / docks
 + Tells why a specific dock can't be built

UI - Empire Manager
 + Double clicking in asset list open settings menu for the selected object
 + Added money account management options
 + Added ability to transfer money between accounts
 + Asset count show ship and dock counts instead of total number
 + Added "Stats/Graphs" tab
 + Added button to declare independence
UI - Factory Settings
 + Applied the same style as in the other menus
 + Added count of inbound traders and hostiles
 + New button: apply current settings to all factories of the same type
 + New button: apply current settings to all factories

UI - Galactic Map
 + When shown the GalMap is centered on the current sector on camera
 + Pressing the [J]ump key toggles between world map and jumping mode
 + Holding [Shift] shows your relation with other empires
 + Added menu bar to choose between various overlays
 + Military Overlay : Display amount of military assets in sectors
 + Diplomatic Overlay : Relations between owner of a sector and player
 + Asteroids Overlay : Amount of asteroids in the sector

UI - Game Over Screen ** New **
 + Shown by the player has no assets left
 + Display power/money/territory graphs for each faction
 + Details about player's empire with total score

UI - Order Menu Bar ** New **
 + Replaces the weird and hard to use "individual ship order" menu
 + Appear when one or multiple player owned ships are selected
 + Used to give quick orders like "move", "attack", "protect", "build", "get repairs", and so on

UI - Sector Map
 + Stations are highlighted by default
 + Holding shift highlight all ships and docks
 + Only show names for docks and selected ships (to reduce name clutter)
 + Ships do rotate
UI - Ship Settings
 + Replaced role and defense grid options by AI package selection
 + AI Packages are : Military, Police, Miner, Scavenger, Spacefly Hunter, and Manual Commands
UI - Statistics ** New **
 + Added game statistics menu used in Empire manager and gameover screens
 + Graphs with military power, sector count, assets and money filters
 + Ability to filter by faction
 + Kills, losses, damages, station builts total money spent and earned counters
 + Added score counter

UI - Trade Menu
 + Added bounty info and a way to pay it from the trade menu
 + Added reputation to trade menu
 + Added option to release passengers in your cargo hold
 + Removed Galactic news (no more room in menu and it's a duplicate with empire manager)

Bug Fixes
 + Fixed: Rotating bullets (0.7.4 bug)
 + Fixed: [Potential crash when moving the mouse over the fleet widget when the game is closing
 + Fixed: Potential exception if Swarm Queens are enabled and there's no asteroids on the whole map
 + Fixed: GetDistance was not thread safe causing exceptions and slowdowns
 + Fixed: GUI crashes when the player has a ship without shield systems
 + Fixed: Duplication of some objects during the save process causing all sorts of issues
 + Fixed: Savegame crash if a ship has too many orders stacked
 + Fixed: Pressing [Esc] on "credits" menu crashes the game
 + Fixed: Shield size changing with ship rotation
 + Fixed: Changing the target of an invasion could confuse the military fleets' AI
 + Fixed: Law "tolerate piracy on 3rd party" not working as intended
 + Fixed: Relation with factions not reset properly when restarting a game in same session
 + Fixed: Mission highlight stroke sometimes too large
 + Fixed: Potential case where police ships could help pirates
 + Fixed: Taxes paid by bounty hunters and miners not going to the factions
 + Fixed: Adding a ship to the defense grid doesn't work if it's not identified with a military role too
 + Fixed: [space], [enter] keys set as shortcuts could cause issues with widgets and buttons on main window
 + Fixed: Hull could sometimes go below 0 without getting the object destroyed right away
 + Fixed: Bug that would often prevent ship AI to find a base where to get repairs
 + Fixed: Player receiving money for mission he didn't accept
 + Fixed: Sensor.GetFollowers resulting list may not be correctly sized
 + Fixed: Dock traders from factories which got destroyed aren't dealt with
 + Fixed: Ships/missiles unable to choose between two rotations/angles
 + Fixed: Ships standing still after they flee from a foe
 + Fixed: Minor errors in movement component
 + Fixed: Factions refusing to make peace against player without empire
 + Fixed: Tooltips not properly aligned
 + Fixed: Jump button not always properly updated
 + Fixed: Some video recording software couldn't record the "New Game" menu
 + Fixed: Some FSM states stack orders incorrectly 
 + Fixed: Police ships wouldn't update their orders if target ship is docked
 + Fixed: Highlight of mission targets for missions that have not been taken by the player
 + Fixed: Graphical component for mines and missiles created twice wasting memory & cpu
 + Fixed: It was possible to add zero quantity of an item to a cargo.
 + Fixed: Raiders collecting a random loot instead of their own
 + Fixed: Relations between factions not reset when playing multiple games in 1 session
 + Fixed: It was possible to trade with hostile stations
 + Fixed: It was possible to talk with space critters and AI core
 + Fixed: Possible crash on save load during game caused by jump animations
 + Fixed: Savegames not getting all components properly (local objects ignored)
 + Fixed: Another savegame potential crash
 + Fixed: Resupply order could give too many ships to carriers if current wing not docked
 + Fixed: Quitting the game could cause a "pointer" error that would prevent the game from exiting
 + Fixed: Pirate bases not buying illegal and pirate produced wares
 + Fixed: Quitting Trade and Comms menus by opening another menu wouldn't unpause game 
 + Fixed: Splash screen closes too late
 + Fixed: Some oddities in comms (pirates asking for help against cargo, player ships giving missions, ...)
 + Fixed: AI Core ship part production facility was still producing nominal amount of parts (pre shipyard related update)
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Re: Beta 1 [v0.8.0] Changelog
« Reply #8 on: November 24, 2014, 11:42:01 PM »
Simply epic my friend I hope to god this game brings you money to keep it going!


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Re: Beta 1 [v0.8.0] Changelog
« Reply #9 on: November 25, 2014, 02:48:13 AM »
Simply epic my friend I hope to god this game brings you money to keep it going!

Hi Dezgard, glad to see you here :)

I do have alternative funding plans for UG if the 1.0 release doesn't provide enough, and I am not really expecting it to do. Getting back the investment would be great though. The good thing is that I now have a relatively good 2D system for basically anything in between a shoot'em up and a pure RTS game, it's also working on android. I can pretty much get out a small game every 3 months or so now. Of course that would put UG on the back-burner.

I wish you the best for Wayward: Terran Frontier as well. It's an intriguing concept. I watched the SGJ podcast, it was very interesting especially as I am a big fan of procedural coding in general. I also love your ship designs (I am dreaming of getting enough funds to hire an artist half as much talented, but I consider myself lucky Arcen Games give away their sprites freely).

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Re: Beta 1 [v0.8.0] Changelog
« Reply #10 on: November 25, 2014, 11:55:20 PM »
I'm a little stunned how did you know about wayward terran frontier and me? :P

But I'm just helping them out George is the man behind the awesome coding and jan being an epic artist.

me...I'm just a guy with some contacts and managment skills.

I wish you all the best with this platform though and hope to see some great games come out of it.


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Re: Beta 1 [v0.8.0] Changelog
« Reply #11 on: November 26, 2014, 12:11:18 AM »
Oh don't worry I wasn't stalking you or something. I am active on the SpaceSimCentral board too and given you seem to manage the W:TF post / board there, I just assumed you were behind the project :)
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Beta 2.1 [v0.8.6] Changelog
« Reply #12 on: December 06, 2014, 01:58:02 AM »
Beta 2.1 (0.8.6)

 + Added option to toggle on/off full hardware acceleration

User Interface
 + Style improvement: Build, Factory, Scan, Ship Setup, Trade, Shipyard menu
 + Made look consistant with and without full hardware acceleration
 + Added real game launcher
 + Removed "launcher" from main executable

Bug Fixes
+ Fixed: Help popup not closing when opening a menu
+ Fixed: Trade mission requiring the ship to be right over the target station
+ Fixed: Nebulae not always showing as expected
+ Fixed: Rare menu related crash/hanging

Beta 2 (0.8.5)

AI - Factions
 + Factions cannot invade pirate owned territory anymore
 + However, they can use pirate sectors as beachheads during wars
 + Max ship parts that can be stored limited to 2000
AI - Mining Ships
 + Try to jump to safety when attacked
 + Can seek repairs when needed
 + Won't go into sectors the owner is at war with anymore
 + Player owned miners will stay around their home sector if set
AI - Pirate Bases ** New **
 + Fully reworked the Pirate Base AI module
 + PB are better at deciding what to do
 + Pirate bases and ships have individual names. Ships have pilots.
 + They can attack military / patrol ships
 + They can intercept and kill dock builders
 + Pirate Bases can attack and destroy factories
 + They use real money to buy/build ships and other assets
 + They can earn money through successful raids
 + Pirate bases, depending on wealth/size, can build frigates and cruisers
 + Produce missions that bring rank and money
 + Linked pirate bases to economy, gaining money from wares being sold to traders
 + Wealthy bases can build a pirate boss (see below)
AI - Pirate Boss ** New **
 + Highly improved raider AI type
 + Hangs out around his home sector (2-3 sectors range)
 + Attacks juicy transports and other targets of opportunity
 + Recruit escort ships from its home pirate base
 + Will collect nearby cargo pods whenever possible
 + Give money to its home-base
 + Jump away when faced with too many enemies
 + Takes its escort ships into account while estimating hostile vs strength

AI - Police / Patrol
 + Police ships fly in small wings (1 frigate/cruiser + 2 fighters)
 + Rewritten Police AI module so they patrol the whole solar system they are supposed to protect
 + Patrol ships can seek repairs when needed
 + Added pilots to police ships
 + Reviewed how patrol wings are spawned (sytem sector count / 3 + 1 per Military Base)
AI - Ships
 + Heavily improved pirate raider AI
 + Pirate Raiders have home sector where they hang out when they are not raiding
 + Ships install more efficient weapon loadouts
 + Added code to prevent JumpFlee order from being interrupted by other events
 + Patrol ships tolerate pirates as long as they don't cross the law
 + Ships which can't find a safe sector to jump to will pick a random one instead
 + Bounty Hunter and Miner AI better at fleeing / determining threat
 + Most AI ship modules takes relevant pilot traits into account

 + Pirate guild pilots will offer mission (if doing any) when asked
 + Pirates no longer give away their base location as easily (need membership or good relation)
 + Pilots remember if they have encountered the player before
 + Guild members will recognize your rank
 + Added option to pacify cops by paying a fine
 + Additional intro dialogs (hostile/former hostile)
 + Additional answers to "what are you doing?" question
Game Data
 + Asterian Empire: A whole new faction of mineral based lifeforms with its own weapons and shields
 + Multiple new weapons
 + Added new luxury trade items
 + Added multiple new faction specific factories
 + New game starts: Pirate raider, neutral trader, lost fleet, sirak mercenary
 + Many changes to ships' movement data to accommodate new movement system
 + Added role to weapons (primary, secondary, special) so the game can build better loadouts.
 + New Aterian shield systems (lighter but higher recharge rate)
 + Moved Mbase, trading station, shipyard, and  solar plant data from faction to tech groups
Gameplay & World
 + Added "active pause" in which you can issue commands
 + Minimal hitbox set to 18x18px to avoid having annoyingly hard to hit ships
 + Pirate Raiders can spawn with initial bounty on their head to populate leader board
 + New, more fleshed out game starts
 + Killing pirates in faction space gives a small amount of reputation points toward that faction
 + Destroyed stations can drop loot
 + Added mynock hives and lifeforms
 + Initial faction territory gets pre built gates on new game
 + New faction trait : Looter -> increases loot drop %
 + New faction trait : Miner -> increases mining income by 15%
 + Changing ship will remove its AI module if any and set firemode to manual
 + Require sufficient faction/guild rank to buy faction specific weapons (the bigger the weapon, the higher the rank)
Guild System ** New **
 + Player can join or leave the pirate guild, joining is currently free (so you can try out the feature)
 + Completing missions, helping pirates increase XP and IP
 + Experience points are used to gain rank, unlocking various services
 + Influence points are used to ask favors from the guild
 + Attacking fellow guild member will raise a fine preventing you from accessing guild services until its paid
 + Pirate Guild membership shields you from attacks
 + current limitation: One guild per faction only.

 + Rotations per 4° increment instead of 5
 + Much more consistant rendering, more stable FPS
 + Better looking shields
 + Replaced capital ships sprites by bigger and more detailed ones
 + Replaced some ships with new models
 + Added glow effect when the mouse hovers main UI buttons
 + overlay and jump button bars now use the same design as the 'give order' bar
 + Nicer looking background (not pitch black anymore)
 + Much better looking nebulas and clouds (in large nebula regions of the map)
Mission System
 + New pirate mission "destroy cargo ship"
 + New pirate mission "weaken police forces"
 + New pirate mission "destroy factory"
 + New pirate mission "remove a bounty hunter"
 + New military mission "kill a pirate boss"
 + New bounty hunting missions available at shipyards

 + Ship movement uses thrust and turn instead of cardinal directions
 + Added new "combat" movement pattern
 + Added DockAt movement pattern with prediction when docking on carrier
 + Improved escort ship flying pattern (especially at low speeds)
 + General improvement of all trajectories
 + New movement type for missiles
 + Ships avoid getting stuck into walls and getting out of bounds
 + AI ships won't use enemy gates at all
Optimization & Code
 + Implemented kinematic movement system (replacing old system)
 + Removed lot of useless code thanks to new movement system
 + Simplified a few functions thanks to new movement behaviors
 + Removed references to old Pirate Base objects
 + Slightly increased loading speed by multithreading the few parts that can be
 + Missions can be tied to guild membership and rank
 + Added variable to prevent carrier/base from using specific ships
 + Reduced gal map refresh rate to reduce CPU load
 + Reduced miner AI range from 5 to 4
 + Heavily reduced CPU cost of building a list of all gates (improving perfs everywhere)
 + Made the process of checking for escort ship in most ship AI modules less CPU consuming
 + Reseting the game no longer causes the game to reload all sprite rotations (faster)
 + Misc small improvements
 + Made sure Physics, Input and AI threads always takes the same time to run to prevent desync
 + Made AI threads a bit less CPU intensive by increasing downtime between cycles

 + Pilots remember that the player has been hostile in the past (don't do much with that info atm)
 + Added traits to pilots modifying their behaviors and combat abilities

Pilots Traits ** New **
 + Coward : Drop cargo more easily, more likely to jump away from combat
 + Hothead : Much less likely to flee
 + Helpful : more likely to answer questions / requests from the player
 + Leader : can recruit more escort ships
 + Weapons expert : +10% weapon damage  (stacks with faction trait)
 + Shield expert : 10% damage reduction on shield (stacks with faction trait)
 + Cruel : never accept surrendering from other ship / player

 + Default map is "Galaxia"
 + Default starting scenario is "Neutral Trader"
 + Default new game settings are 50% map conquered and slow pace
 + All menu bars now use the same design as the 'give order' bar
 + Fleets and bookmarks overlays graphical update
 + misc other changes
 + Removed skin from game launcher (compatibility purpose)
UI - Comms
 + Made dialog font bigger in comms
 + Shows pilot's traits
UI - Empire Manager
 + Diplomatic screen give estimates instead of raw values for war weariness, funds and military strength
 + Decoupled "expand into unclaimed sectors" and "auto build stations" managers
UI - Empire Manager: Asset List
 + Menu redesign
 + More detailed info about ships and docks
 + Added "no civilians" and "no factories" filters
 + Replaced badly working popup menu by buttons
 + Accessing ship/factory/yard setup goes back to the list on close
 + Select multiple ships in the list via shift and control keys.
 + Access to ingame hotkeys (group management, quick orders) from asset list
 + Added button to change Ship AI package (works with multi selection)
 + Added context help
 + Some orders descriptions are more details

UI - Galactic Map
 + Jump button is a toggle
 + Mission targets highlighted on galactic map
 +"Unlocked" camera movement (move up / left not yet locked)
 + Added status is target sector is hostile/neutral/friendly or unclaimed in sector info overlay
UI - Sector Info Panel
 + Added "sell my cargo" filter (list best deals to sell what's in your cargo bays)
 + Nicer looking and more informative station list
 + Made "dock capacity" panel collapsible
 + Better use of screen real estate

UI - Ship Setup
 + Added options to set the bounty hunter and pirate raider AI
 + Added option to set/change the home sector of your automated ships
UI - Trade Menu
 + Added bounty leader board to shipyards (will probably moved to specific bounty hunter base later on)
 + Double clicking a bounty in the board will build a "mission" to locate and kill the target
 + Station menu display guild rank info
 + Pirate Bases have their own first tab when opening the trade menu
 + Accepting a mission in the trade menu will automatically select this mission as your current one
UI - Pirate Tab ** New **
 + Displays guild information
 + Added ability to join/leave guild
 + Added ability to give money to a pirate base for XP/IP
 + Guild Service: Get repairs at a pirate base for coin or IP
 + Guild Service: Ask a pirate base to "remove" a dock
 + Guild Service: Hire escort fighters
Bug Fixes
 + Fixed: Play random song instead of theme in the menu
 + Fixed: The game was handling keyboard input even if form is not focused
 + Fixed: Occasional display crashes when issuing mouse commands in rapid succession
 + Fixed: Rotation jittering in standard view and sector map
 + Fixed: Ships going out of bounds (still too easy to corner)
 + Fixed: Shield % in hangar tabs was in float instead of integer
 + Fixed: Kill missions always succeeding no matter who killed the target
 + Fixed: "Jettison" button. Position of cargo pod making selection impossible over stations.
 + Fixed: Inverted mouse look
 + Fixed: Stations attacked by playership not firing back
 + Fixed: Selecting a tech group was working for ships only
 + Fixed: Health bar not properly aligned
 + Fixed: Issues in "isFoe?" function when target is a pirate ships
 + Fixed: Mission list not showing same list after accepting one
 + Fixed: Shield bar overlay capped according to hull strength
 + Fixed: Pirates not reacting accordingly when asked for PB location that is in current sector
 + Fixed: Integer overflow during long games
 + Fixed: Bug where factions with high war weariness still go to war
 + Fixed: Some ships costing way less parts than supposed to
 + Fixed: Some missing checks for Cease Fire before declaring war
 + Fixed: forgot to check if playership is alive somewhere causing exceptions
 + Fixed: Explosions made from bullets put at the wrong place when shooter is moving
 + Fixed: Bullets could in very rare cases "die" twice causing double damage if AoE
 + Fixed: Issue in trade menu if a ware has no associated icon
 + Fixed: Various small issues in the building station menu
 + Fixed: In standard view mode, mission targets wouldn't always be highlighted
 + Fixed: many issues related to military base and carrier handling of fighters
 + Fixed: Some issues with always hostile objects
 + Fixed: Docks could equip mines
 + Fixed: Changing ship will result in having itself as a target
 + Fixed: *Very* long games could cause several objects to have same Unique ID, causing random issues
 + Fixed: Stats tab doesn't fit properly in the Empire Manager menu
 + Fixed: Rare occurence of main ship not properly centered on screen during a frame
 + Fixed: Crash if clicking everywhere while the game is still loading
 + Fixed: Extremely rare crash in inventory management due to thread collision
 + Fixed: Wars not ending when an empire is crushed (no sector left)
 + Fixed: 'Hidden' factions displayed in the diplomatic menu
 + Fixed: Pirate patrol ships could attack other pirate ships
 + Fixed: NPC ships could be put into a loop if can't sell all wares at a station
 + Fixed: Factions not offering faction specific weapons/shields for trade
 + Fixed: Clicking a faction in faction list wouldn't always update to flavor text
 + Fixed: Exploit where it was possible to change/remove the AI of civilian ships (could be used to generate unlimited free ships in practice)
 + Fixed: Miner AI could loop the emergency jump/flee indefinitely
 + Fixed: Rare issue in pathfinding that cause ships to continuously ask for a path causing lag and high CPU usage
 + Fixed: Selection via click on fleet / bookmark not working correctly
 + Fixed: Possible (rare) occurence of 2 gates in same sector
 + Fixed: Illegal / Legal wares not set properly for all stations and factions
 + Fixed: Not possible to change ship's name in ship setup menu
 + Fixed: Possible crash on galactic map
 + Fixed: Misc diplomatic issues (making peace too soon in rare conditions)
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Re: Changelog for next release (update: 2014-12-22)
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From something "nice", your game is now "interesting" and will be "amazing" if you keep going with your awesome updates !


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Re: Changelog for next release (update: 2014-12-22)
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Thanks for that and also for the amazing work you do on promoting my game on the french boards I don't have the time to post on (also, check your private messages).

The "pirate" beta version is kinda my favorite one to write. After several years writing the pirate guild plugin for X2, X3:R and X3:TC, writing it for my own engine without being held back by Egosoft's script system is so much more rewarding. :)

Beta 2 will be a major step up in terms of content, thanks the the guild system and new missions. And, as usual, each action you take has an influence on the whole simulation: Hiring the pirates to systematically destroy ship part factories of a faction you don't like will likely make it loose its wars in the long run.

(also the next devlog is going to be quite large)
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