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General Discussions / Re: Unending Galaxy 1.2 Changelog
« Last post by Chaplinchap on April 28, 2016, 04:29:34 PM »
Hi EsKa

I was wondering. I asked sometime ago how to get cd key on steam if i own/brought game before steam realise, and you linked https://steamcommunity.com/app/439720/discussions/1/412446292773685069/
But i brought game via itch.io and i dont have the link/cant find the link??

- The problem is that the game doesn't seem to update via the launcher? - so my version is still

There are 2 reasons why i want to have cd-key for steam, 1. Updates of course.
2. so that i never "lose" the game. because right now its on my computer, and if i get a new  or reinstall everything on the computer i dont know how to get hold of the game again - when i dont have it on steam? :( :( :(

I hope you can help me with this - I really want to play the updated version :)


Development and Suggestions / Re: Feature Requests
« Last post by eidolad on April 27, 2016, 06:07:38 AM »
I really like this game and played it non-stop for about 10 hours on day 1.

I haven't really played enough to learn all of the mechanics...but wanted to get this suggestion in prior to the upcoming "military update"

Whatever strength the AI has needs to arrive together to have any chance against a committed player attack.

One cheesy player tactic:  Bait and Crush.  Jump into an adjacent system.  Fly to the edge of the system and line up all capital ships in a line facing the border to the target system.  Player then goes into the target system with a powerful capital ship and immediately stops on the edge.  This will provide perfectly safe scouting, and lure many of the defenders towards the player ship.  Defeat as many as possible as they come in in singletons.  Retreat as needed across the border to lure any pursuing ships, and/or swap ships to refresh shields, and/or bring in the entire force after weakening the system.

Perhaps some things to do about this:

1.  Apply "fleet formation" in whatever is best/easiest for the AI system defenders:

a) formation:  a simple box would do, or better yet, line abreast towards the main body of the threat (if simple to code), or

b) tagging a capital ship as the primary defender and having all other major defenders escorting it.

2.  Or simply collapse all heavy defenders on the shipyard and leave them there whenever the player arrives with N+ ships/tonnage during wartime.  The formation becomes a huge gun turret requiring a massed attack to defeat...which can manufacture new ships as needed as well.

3.  The manufacturing mechanic is:  if you have the $$$, you can instantly build and crew and launch any ship immediately.  So...why doesn't a far-future galactic empire, which faces threats that can jump in anywhere anytime, simply nano-forge N number of battleships as needed directly at the shipyard being threatened?  The player can spam as many ships as they want up to the point value of the game setup right?  Well why can't the AI do this too if they have the cash?

This can be a configurable "defense savings account ceiling" to allow the game setup to (in effecty) specify how many ships maximum can be auto-purchased to ward off huge invasions.  Those extra ships must be scrapped after N minutes to prevent the player from baiting and switching to attack another sector.

Perhaps make this "defense savings account ceiling" a random and/or hidden and/or species-trait controlled value.

(The above suggestions were written after a game on the "Imperium" map, in which I attacked an AI Core system or two, and stomping on a few Pirate systems.  I am making the assumption that "regular empire defenders" act in the same manner, just with different ships/numbers.  I made my attacks with a group of 8 battleships for the AI Core system attacks, and a group of 4 battleships for the Pirate systems).
Modding / Modding Questions/Suggestions.
« Last post by Seeler89 on April 10, 2016, 07:54:23 PM »
I have been playing for a while, and playing with the editor, here are somethings I would like to be able to edit.
  • Traits. I wouldn't mind to be able to add some more traits to the game, a least edit how many trait points we can have... I like the idea of having a god like race, with all the traits... lol
  • Warp gates. I also like being able to build Warp gates... I like to start with none and build some. Maybe make it a trait.

that's all I can think of at the moment.
It's a very good game, and I have been enjoying it.

General Discussions / Re: Commercial fleet being attacked for no reason
« Last post by TheDeadlyShoe on April 07, 2016, 06:33:01 AM »
which civilization?
General Discussions / Commercial fleet being attacked for no reason
« Last post by nemethos on April 05, 2016, 06:04:15 PM »
Hi everyone !

I have some problems with my fleet, I send all my cargo with (or without btw) escort(s) and for NO REASON they are attackd by civilization where i'am in peace with them, and i've checked carefully about that, for pirates ok no problem, it's like X3 for exemple, but now  questions :

1 - What the hell with these attacks ?
2 - Can we give orders to automatics commercial fleet to jump when attacked, cancels current orders, escape from any attack and when it's ok to continue.

My principal problem is for the question 1, I lost in one minute for a fleet of about 250 cargo ships, I lost in average 5 to 10 cargo, I don't understand, and by who ? By "peacefull" civilization who I have peace treaty or NAP with them ! so what ?

Thanks, your game is really awesome, so can you help me ? :)

Btw, I play the version.

Thanks again !
General Discussions / Re: Plagiarism question.
« Last post by EsKa on April 05, 2016, 05:17:25 AM »
This question has already been answered:

- this forum
- the steam forums (it's even a sticky topic there)
- this website's credits section
- the game's credits.txt file
- the in-game credit screen

I'm also thinking about getting a tattoo.
General Discussions / Re: Plagiarism question.
« Last post by Squidcod on April 05, 2016, 02:20:51 AM »
If you look around the forums you will notice that there are a lot of open source ships used in Unending Galaxy.  This has been mentioned before.  I'll try and dig up the previous forum post about it.
General Discussions / Plagiarism question.
« Last post by sordahon on April 05, 2016, 12:27:32 AM »
Hi there Anarkis, I was just chacking out some 4x games videos on yt and spotted that there is identical ship in there. The shp in UG is that typical battleship which looks like bug from non faction technologies, and game A.I. war fleet comand has this ship, sorry I dont know the name of ship of that game since I was just checking out. Ihope its not some plagiarism. Thanks for replying.

Checked again and found that the dock builder is identical as well.
You can see it in Chris Park video A.I. war fleet command general tactics part 1   1.54 time.
General Discussions / Re: Linux ?
« Last post by tsalaroth on April 02, 2016, 05:34:55 PM »
Sadly, no.

Unending Galaxy won't be ported to Linux (or any other OS) in any foreseeable future, that would require to port it completely to another programming language. Too big a task for too small an audience to justify the cost and time investment.

Future projects will be written with cross-platform tools. Linux (and mac) compatibility should be a given.

Just curious, what language did you use with the game?

With the recent Windows 10 ELF capabilities, you may not be far off from being able to build ELF on Windows 10 environments with a Windows compiler.  If you can do that, you're gold.

If you're using .NET 4.x or later, Mono has gotten pretty good at building VS projects for just about any language .NET supports.
1. Start new game
2. Customize Faction
3. Enter faction name
4. Tab to go to next field (works which is great)
5. Press shift to capitalize next letter

Notice the steam overlay pops up. (My game responsiveness goes to shit here)

This also seems to happen in other areas too, but this happens EVERY time.
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