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 on: May 19, 2017, 08:44:33 AM 
Started by EsKa - Last post by Ellsworth
Hey Eska is there something else we need to do because i tried this and don't see any new cheat menus.

 on: April 12, 2017, 11:54:44 PM 
Started by Erios - Last post by EsKa
I'm replying like super late, but modinfo.txt is missing in your folders, game can't autodetect the mods

 on: December 03, 2016, 02:38:44 PM 
Started by Cirind - Last post by Cirind
So well.
In my game core conqued almost whole galaxy.
Asterians lost all shipyards.
ISA lost capital.
Titan Corp under heavy attack.
Also Drath is loosing last shipyard.
And every time they attacking my sectors more than 300 ships comming. (NOT counting fighters/drones).
Also for some reason AI Core Plot line don't want to start up.
What i need to trigger it?

(PS. I started game with only capital sectors colonised).

Also it's probably my fault because like an idiot i didn't set max supply. ^^'.

 on: October 04, 2016, 12:59:49 PM 
Started by Heimdallxx - Last post by Heimdallxx
Hi guys, i have a very basic question.How can i change asteroid respawn rate? in game editor i found ''rate'' but i quess its not what i am looking for. and sorry for my english, not my native.:(

 on: July 20, 2016, 08:12:21 AM 
Started by Erios - Last post by Erios
I just started playing with the game's editor and finally figured out the process of making new factions. I haven't got to playtest them beyond a short period (I spent all day figuring out how to put them in the game, haha.) yet so they might be buggy and generic still but here they are: Dropbox

Right now all three only have the basic weapons and economy setup. I plan on making them unique weapons, if you have some ideas on what they should get let me know. I was thinking projectile cannons for the Aspel (machine guns for small ships, battleship cannons for bigger ships) and some type of longrange aoe artillery for the Ascendant.

Edit: Day 2 adds three more factions. Still haven't worked on weapons or special stuff for them. Added rank and tech descriptions for all factions. (Figured out you have to add an extra file for those to show up, they aren't in the editor.)

Aspel Hegemony
The Aspel are ruled by "God-Chiefs" who use hordes of warriors to keep control of the large slave populations they keep.
+ Extensive use of drones by most ships
+ Fast Ships
+ Access to firearm and slave production facilities
- No unique weapon
- Relatively frail ships

A splinter faction of humans that have begun to "Digitalize" themselves into computers.
+ Powerful military fleet
+ Docks are armed and fairly tough
- Very expensive ships that use a lot of supply

Ashrak Confederacy
The Ashrak are a religous splinter group from humanity. They favor armor and power over speed.
+ Good military fleet
+ Very well armored ships
- Slow and costly military ships

The Dendari are a group of mercenaries with a strange short commander.
+ Ships Similar to human federation

A splinter group from the federation, the Nastari are ruled by a honor-bound caste of warriors. They serve their emperor in everything they do.
+ Powerful Ships
+- Cheap freighters
- Expensive Ships

Pargus Junkers
The Pargus are a insular group who hate outsiders and love to scavange junk.
+ Super tough asteroid dreadnought
+ Strong battleships
+ Scavangers
- Slow ships
- Weak smaller ships

Installation Help
Step 1. Locate the Unending Galaxy folder. Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\UnendingGalaxyDeluxe or wherever you installed it
Step 2. Locate the mods folder
Step 3. Extract the factions you want into the mods folder. (Each faction is a seperate folder that goes into the mod folder)
Step 4. Start up the game, click "Launch Configuration Tool"
Step 5. Hit mod manager.
Step 6. Active the mod.
(Thanks Starwars mod github! Here)

Credits for sprites and shipsets:
Star Sector
Appro Light
Gratuitous Space Battles
Distant Worlds Extended Universe

 on: June 08, 2016, 07:30:36 AM 
Started by FrostBite704 - Last post by FrostBite704
This is a mod I created that introduces Star Wars ships into the Unending Galaxy Universe. Currently still a work in progress, but enjoy and give feedback! https://github.com/FrostBite704/Star-Wars-Mod

 on: May 02, 2016, 10:59:44 PM 
Started by EsKa - Last post by EsKa
Hi there,

A work-in-progress version of the game is available as a test branch.

It fixes many problems with 1.2.1x and add a lot of the things that were discussed in the 1.3 development blog. It's not finished, well, it's half way finished, but I made a lot of internal changes that require public testing.

This version is NOT mod or save compatible with 1.2.1 and I cannot promise 1.2.5 will be save or mod compatible with 1.3 once it's officially released. A tool to convert 1.2 files to 1.2.5 is included, though (check in the data folder).

People who are experiencing freezes or crashes with the current 1.2 version should really try this version.


  • Open Unending Galaxy's properties (right click the game in Steam).
  • Select the "Betas" tab
  • Enter the beta access code (copy paste it) : A509B58C4F17AE
  • Press check code, close the menu, close steam completely
  • Launch steam, go back to UG's properties / beta tab
  • Select Beta - Public Test 1.3 Branch in the dropdown menu and close
  • Wait for Steam to update the game's files


If the game refuse to launch, you may have to delete the content of the game's folder manually, it should be located in: Steam\steamapps\common\UnendingGalaxyDeluxe


v1.2.5 Public Test

[ Not Save Compatible | Not Mod Compatible ]

Faction AI
 + Better allocation of money
 + Better at detecting and responding to building of military bases in territory

 + Shipyard Build time proportional to ship value
 + Bounties proportional to military strength
 + AI Core gains the "fast shipyards" trait
 + Added "armored" ship tag: hull absorbs 50% of damage
 + Increased colony building time x10 (takes a few minutes instead of seconds)
 + Large shield systems need a longer period of time before being able to charge after a hit
 + Killing a carrier will desactivate all its drones
 + Ships are using a tag system to determine how the simulation is going to use them
 + Military bases and carriers use drones instead of fighters.
 + Drones can't be piloted directly and come with preset weaponry
 + New faction trait "fast shipyards" : 30% faster ship production
 + SPQR has gates closed to non allies until the SPQR related event fires
 + Pirates use more ships
 + Warpgates can be destroyed
 + Small chance of spawning capital class raiders and bounty hunter after an hour of gameplay
 + Ceridan (AI) get more money on spawn so production isn't crippled
Game Data
 + Weapons fire rate reduced, damage increased (keeping roughly same DPS)
 + Rebalanced weapon prices, damages and energy consumption
 + Rebalanced stats of most ships, too many changes to list
 + Added many drone variants for each tech group
 + Drath : new dreadnought and armored cargo
 + Federation : new dreadnought and changes to existing ships
 + Siraks : new dreadnought, new corvette, and replaced frigate
 + AI Core: new assault cruiser, old cruiser become a frigate
 + Higher quality sprites for the Siraks
 + Resized many ships
 + Replaced a few sprites by better looking ones
 + Improved ceridan battleship sprite (added border, reworked glow)
 + Newly built docks fade in instead of popping
Modding Tools
 + Improved ship and weapon editors (filters, list, stats)
 + Improved faction editor (additional flags)
 + Included file format convertion tool for modders
 + Added option to auto set weapon prices (approximate)
Performances / Code Stuff
 + Much faster savegame loading (3-4x faster)
 + Ship order management should use less cpu
 + Adding and deleting of objects optimized
 + Large fleet battle should run better thanks to less bullets
 + Killing a carrier ship could use way too many CPU cycles
 + Misc stability related improvements
 + Game can recognize outdated, unusable savegames
 + Save system error correction mechanism improved
 + Reduced CPU cost of scavengers
 + Some new function added to debug/cheat menu
User Interface
 + Manual money transactions and dock building no longer need funds to be in specific accounts to work)
 + Click homebase in ship scan to center camera on it
 + Small improvements to shipyard build queue
 + Added command to sell all cargo in Ship Setup menu, with optional notification
 + Move Cargo menu is larger

Bug Fixes
 + Fixed: Game freezing due to memory management
 + Fixed: Game crash due to sound library
 + Fixed: Free traders trying to sell to hostile factions
 + Fixed: Potential issue in cache system which could cause the game to slow down and crash
 + Fixed: Money management wasn't thread safe
 + Fixed: Carriers able to auto build their own drones would ignore manual ship type selection
 + Fixed: Minor display bug in colony build menu
 + Fixed: Minor display bug in station setup menu if player is using a transparent logo
 + Fixed: "My Assets" map filter is counting bullets in currently focused sector
 + Fixed: It was possible to click game editor button while database is still loading  [modding tools]
 + Fixed: Saving weapon in editor doesn't auto update ware [modding tools]
 + Fixed: Updating ware data in weapon editor delete ware's picture [modding tools]
 + Fixed: FPS counter obstructed by money widget
 + Fixed: Small issue with ships calling for help
 + Fixed: Station destroyed with a carrier docked to it would cause problems
 + Fixed: Rare bug where the pirate guild would ask for way more money than necessary
 + Fixed: Galactic map would show gates that are closed to you
 + Fixed: ships escorting raiders could still call police for help causing relationship issues
 + Fixed: Rare case of ship/object duplication
 + Fixed: When spawning, ceridan could (temporarily) declare war to self, locking military fleet in place

 on: May 02, 2016, 02:15:05 AM 
Started by jonhutch01 - Last post by jonhutch01

Love the game. I've started trying to mod the game a bit and I was wondering if there was a way to mod the AI behaviors, or are they hardcoded? I'd like to try adding some different behaviors surrounding mining and trading. Thanks in advance!


 on: April 28, 2016, 04:29:34 PM 
Started by EsKa - Last post by Chaplinchap
Hi EsKa

I was wondering. I asked sometime ago how to get cd key on steam if i own/brought game before steam realise, and you linked https://steamcommunity.com/app/439720/discussions/1/412446292773685069/
But i brought game via itch.io and i dont have the link/cant find the link??

- The problem is that the game doesn't seem to update via the launcher? - so my version is still

There are 2 reasons why i want to have cd-key for steam, 1. Updates of course.
2. so that i never "lose" the game. because right now its on my computer, and if i get a new  or reinstall everything on the computer i dont know how to get hold of the game again - when i dont have it on steam? :( :( :(

I hope you can help me with this - I really want to play the updated version :)



 on: April 27, 2016, 06:07:38 AM 
Started by EsKa - Last post by eidolad
I really like this game and played it non-stop for about 10 hours on day 1.

I haven't really played enough to learn all of the mechanics...but wanted to get this suggestion in prior to the upcoming "military update"

Whatever strength the AI has needs to arrive together to have any chance against a committed player attack.

One cheesy player tactic:  Bait and Crush.  Jump into an adjacent system.  Fly to the edge of the system and line up all capital ships in a line facing the border to the target system.  Player then goes into the target system with a powerful capital ship and immediately stops on the edge.  This will provide perfectly safe scouting, and lure many of the defenders towards the player ship.  Defeat as many as possible as they come in in singletons.  Retreat as needed across the border to lure any pursuing ships, and/or swap ships to refresh shields, and/or bring in the entire force after weakening the system.

Perhaps some things to do about this:

1.  Apply "fleet formation" in whatever is best/easiest for the AI system defenders:

a) formation:  a simple box would do, or better yet, line abreast towards the main body of the threat (if simple to code), or

b) tagging a capital ship as the primary defender and having all other major defenders escorting it.

2.  Or simply collapse all heavy defenders on the shipyard and leave them there whenever the player arrives with N+ ships/tonnage during wartime.  The formation becomes a huge gun turret requiring a massed attack to defeat...which can manufacture new ships as needed as well.

3.  The manufacturing mechanic is:  if you have the $$$, you can instantly build and crew and launch any ship immediately.  So...why doesn't a far-future galactic empire, which faces threats that can jump in anywhere anytime, simply nano-forge N number of battleships as needed directly at the shipyard being threatened?  The player can spam as many ships as they want up to the point value of the game setup right?  Well why can't the AI do this too if they have the cash?

This can be a configurable "defense savings account ceiling" to allow the game setup to (in effecty) specify how many ships maximum can be auto-purchased to ward off huge invasions.  Those extra ships must be scrapped after N minutes to prevent the player from baiting and switching to attack another sector.

Perhaps make this "defense savings account ceiling" a random and/or hidden and/or species-trait controlled value.

(The above suggestions were written after a game on the "Imperium" map, in which I attacked an AI Core system or two, and stomping on a few Pirate systems.  I am making the assumption that "regular empire defenders" act in the same manner, just with different ships/numbers.  I made my attacks with a group of 8 battleships for the AI Core system attacks, and a group of 4 battleships for the Pirate systems).

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