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General Discussions / Re: Plagiarism question.
« on: April 05, 2016, 02:20:51 AM »
If you look around the forums you will notice that there are a lot of open source ships used in Unending Galaxy.  This has been mentioned before.  I'll try and dig up the previous forum post about it.

1. Start new game
2. Customize Faction
3. Enter faction name
4. Tab to go to next field (works which is great)
5. Press shift to capitalize next letter

Notice the steam overlay pops up. (My game responsiveness goes to shit here)

This also seems to happen in other areas too, but this happens EVERY time.

General Discussions / Patch1.2.0.8 - Still Excited
« on: March 17, 2016, 03:42:57 AM »
1. I was wondering when those Ceridan would show up...
2. So much yes.  I'll feel less inclined to rush sectors now. Which will be nice since sometimes there are just not enough resources to support adding industry to these sectors. (Considering no longer picking bureaucrat)
3. All the perf! Yeah this is great!  At first I thought it was the asset panel that was getting a perf update and was mor excited, but since I run the largest map size, I'm sure I will benefit from this.
4. My crashes have been MUCH less frequent, so less crashing is really going to be great!

Development and Suggestions / Steam Cloud Storage
« on: March 11, 2016, 05:32:43 PM »

I wont lie, I play at work.
But it would be great if my settings and saves could be shared.
If it's easy great, if it's too hard to implement that's cool too.
But just a thought.

General Discussions / Re: Looking forwards to slower mining
« on: March 09, 2016, 05:10:00 PM »
If you set up a generated map without it being fully colonized, unclaimed systems are not mined by AI.

This means you should have lots of juicy asteroids waiting.
That said, they are a huge economy booster.

Despite making ceridan ship parts it appears to not occupy a ship parts slot.
I am uncertain if this intentional.

Some automated mining ships will continue to mine despite having full cargo holds.

Easiest example is to perform the following steps.

1. Use the trader start.
2. Equip the cruiser with a few mining lasers.
3. Turn on automining and center the view on the automatic miner.

Notice occasionally it will fill up it's cargo hold (usually after only one rock) and then move onto another and begin mining again.  It will mine this one (Wasting ore) and then go sell it.

This might have some effects on other automatic miners I would assume.

General Discussions / Re: Looking forwards to slower mining
« on: March 08, 2016, 05:06:02 PM »
That's a good question,
I wonder if it's exclusive to mines or if it's merely mentioning that miners will no longer be helping the economy.

Me personally I haven't tried it as I wish to have a very long term game as opposed to dominating the world asap.

Development and Suggestions / Re: AI And Friendly Fire
« on: March 08, 2016, 05:14:22 AM »
When last I played I noticed MUCH better friendly fire.
My shield still pinged a few times for an unknown reason, but my escort did not engage.
And this was while salvaging pods in the middle of a huge battle between pirates and a shipyard (the pirates won)

So it seems much better, haven't tried factions fighting each other in my turf yet.

Yeah the weird thing is when you elect NOT to take independent tech and get duplicate dock choices.
(2 shipyards, one independent and one faction specific)

It feels like something is not quite right as many other factions would have to pay for that benefit.

I get the idea in general, but there seems to be something strange with the way it is currently implemented.

Troubleshooting / Some factions appear to always have Independent Tech
« on: March 04, 2016, 05:31:35 AM »
Pretty much as written

Start new game
Select map
Select lost fleet
Select Drath
Remove Independent Tech
Notice can build independent tech


Edit: Other factions also appear to have this tech, but wouldn't have much else without it.
Sirak, SPQR, Human...

Perhaps some factions SHOULD have it and don't?
Is the tech only supposed to be ships?

General Discussions / Straightforwards Economy - Ceridan
« on: March 04, 2016, 05:22:19 AM »
So, I figured I'd give a Ceridan play a try.
Went ahead and unticked Independent tech to help make up for the expensive base tech.
Also to keep it from spawning non-Ceridan ships in my shipyard (mainly for this).

Started filling in a system and basically stalled once the mined supplies ran out.

Having tried humans and none, I've concluded the + for straightforwards economy is not so much a + for me.

I'm finding in many sectors I have nothing to build because they do not have a production chain like the food ration chain that is independent of ore.

Humans/None tech have E-Cell -> Wheat -> Cattle -> Food

While ridiculous production simply just makes money and is definitely not usable by myself, it also gives me something to fill in my empty sectors with and any point at all to systems without asteroid fields. Being allied with the pirates, I need every sector I own to be helping rather than just a random void, and space is ore deprived enough that simply importing tons seems to not be a viable prospect.

So.... Long story short I have 3 thoughts...

1. Would be great to have a power cell chain.
2. Their economy doesn't appear to be an upside to the choice for me.
3. Would be nice to be able to block Independent tech auto production of military.

Going to try some other faction starts and see how they compare.

Edit: Ok so building tech is confusing.
Furthermore I always thought small arms was a "Luxury" yet their downside for economy is no luxury good.

Yeah, so factions are a weird mishmash of various independent techs and specialized techs, sometimes coming out as having 2 shipyards despite not picking Independent tech.  Many having most of the independent tech line.

I guess for AI sudden arrival purposes the Ceridan not having traditional economy kind of makes sense, but as far as being playable by a player seems less viable without independent tech like the pirates.  The 2 point cost plus the 1 point for independent tech is painful though.

Also, strange second military base is strange. Seems to be just worse? I dunno what to make of it.

Looks like when I load a game while a station is under construction the cost is getting refunded.
Haven't tried it with multiple stations or unselected builders yet.

saved using v1.2.0.5

General Discussions / Looking forwards to slower mining
« on: March 04, 2016, 02:30:43 AM »
I am actually looking forwards to slower mining.
Going out there and filling my hold before the jump cooldown was done really made me consider that mining % perk worthless.
Also being able to fill up a basic frieghter in one roid was concerning, felt more like just a freighter than a miner.

Started making me think there should be a mid sized freighter at a better class for mining.
I had been using a dock builder. 

But the price point is kind of vacant for economic vessels.
It essentially goes from 50k to 2million where military has a intermediate selection in the 300k and 1.X million ranges.

I think I should start looking at how modding works and try it out.
But not this weekend, I got plans till tues.

Development and Suggestions / Re: Cost Modifiers - Stations and Ships
« on: March 03, 2016, 06:54:26 AM »
Also appears to increase trade good production time.
Probably does some strange things to the value of trading/mining.

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