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Development and Suggestions / Great game so far! Some feedback...
« on: November 09, 2015, 01:56:42 AM »
I bought the full version of the game yesterday and have been messing around with it. I'm really enjoying the unique twists on the genres and want to see this game go somewhere. I thought I'd leave a little feedback (perhaps clearing up some confusions of mine in the process) and maybe make a few suggestions as well.

Tutorial: clicking past a message of the tutorial, if you didn't have really good memory there's no way to view the current task. I was ultimately able to figure out the game, but others might not be so fortunate.

A few bugs:

  • The sound crackling will build up quite a bit after a while of playing the game - only solution is to restart. I see this has been mentioned by a few other people, but I can also concur it can get quite annoying after a while. Restarting the game is the only solution.
  • I get some occasional freezes with memory address errors. Not sure if there's any sort of logs that would be helpful.
  • Loading from saves has frequent issues - only solution is to restart the app.
  • Certain circumstances can cause a carrier to leave it fights behind without them disappearing. Similarly, it can later on regain them and then, if it also repaired at a station, it will be past its fighter cap.
  • Typing in a number (for example how many ships to buy or how many sectors an AI can move) does not work - after typing the number pops back to before. Only solution is to manually drag the slider.

Some issues I'm having:
  • Can't build a structure while inside of a constructor. Basically means you have to fly along with another ship beside it and constantly swap between ships. Also no way to tell something to be built in a certain location - you have to fly the ship there yourself (or tell it to follow you.)
  • Pirate AI is omniscient - sometimes it will chase me forever no matter how far I warp and jump. Since no one else will defend me it's basically game over if it happens early on. In my case after running for half an hour in my wimpy ship I had to reload from an earlier save.
  • Transport ship AI from stations needs some sort of prioritization. In my case, my chip factory was hogging all of the energy cells and overproducing while my steel plants and ship part factory were left dry. I really appreciate the lack of "trade routes" micro needed (I don't need another Anno game), but wish the AI were more optimized. Ships should also shuttle around excess energy cells from one plant to another, and perhaps shut down a plant completely if there is a huge excess. I'm not sure if a "pull" system would also be an option - only requesting a good if the factory will use it in a certain number of minutes, for example. If you're open to improving the economy/transport AI I'd be happy to suggest some more detailed ideas. I think this is a problem for the AI factions too.
  • Shipyards/military bases suck up all your ship parts. Early on, you have way too many ship parts for your own good due to being produced by planets, and the ship part factory is thus a good source of income for trade. However, the shipyards and military bases seem to somehow such them up (even though going in the build menu I can see a huge excess). The parts are therefore gone, as is my potential source of income.
  • Similarly, there's got to be a clear trading option of only releasing a good for sale if it is in oversupply on your current economic system. I don't want to sell a critical resource for later down the chain. I also don't want to have an overproduced resource sold and then continue to be overproduced, if it's sucking up a resource that it is in short supply (such as energy).
  • Sometimes, when using a jumpgate to a new system, the camera seems to become "left behind" and thus you're flying the ship in the new system, while still being in the old system. Not sure if there's some way to center the camera on where you currently are.
  • Warp gates - no one seems to follow the rules I set in the menu. Despite setting them as "allies only", I've had pirates, AI Core, other hostile military, and more use them. What about a setting of "my faction ships only"?
  • Weapons - there's no clear indicator of what their size is for fitting slots, or even what kind of weapon they are and how much damage they do. Makes equipping ships difficult. Similarly, I'd like an indicator on shield HP of each shield unit.

I'll be playing some more here and let you know my feedback. Right now I have one system, but am struggling to make money in order to expand further - speaking of which - could using ship parts be an option for building structures? According to my shipyard I apparently have over 1000 ship parts, but I'm at a my supply cap and have very little money.

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