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General Discussions / So many things...
« on: March 01, 2016, 04:52:04 AM »
So I'm really digging the game. Bought it several days ago after having a buddy recommend it to me, as he knows I've spent a fair amount of time with the X series, and that I also enjoy strategy games in general. couldn't be happier with the concept and the execution, really, I hope you are planning to add more features and mechanics in the future because this game definitely has longevity. As a preface, I should say that I have only played extensively on the Imperium map, as I found it immediately appealing, i've only dabbled in the other maps. I've finished two games through galactic domination, have another sandbox game running, and have started two more to play with different tech trees. I've started and abandoned many more games on top of that. From what I can tell, it's clear I have a lot of content left to see, but I've also definitely spent enough time with it now (32 hours) that I've firmly grasped the game.

A few comments and questions for EsKa:

Soundtrack is fantastic. Immersive and atmospheric without ever being boring. nice blend of electronic genres.

The pirates are relentless.

Somehow, the A.I. Core never really becomes much of a threat on the Imperium map. Same with the Swarm. neither is even a fraction as dangerous as the pirates are on a regular basis. their hit and run tactics can make starting up your own empire from scratch (neutral trader or other low-level starts) VERY expensive, as the pirates will hit just about any asset you leave undefended and force you to spend exorbitant amounts of money replacing lost stations until you get your military up and running. Not to mention that by the time you get all the resources you need to get your empire off the ground, the drath (or whichever faction starts on the far left of the map) have already gobbled up the four juicy systems in the bottom left of the galaxy (making them VERY powerful).

Some questions:

What exactly are the conditions for the various event triggers? I'd actually understand if you preferred not to say, but for example, things like the Titan Corporation messages about the AI Core parts and derelict early in the game - I've mysteriously had these messages fail to pop in several games now, and i'm wondering if a specific start condition forbid it? For example, do I need to play in sandbox mode to get it to trigger? Are certain missions/triggers only available in certain maps? And, more broadly, what other major events are there in the game, and how are they triggered? (I should mention that in several of my games so far, the SPQR and Siraks destroyed all the stations and took over the TC system, which stopped me from completing the core parts delivery mission. Titan Corporation seems more like a neutral faction, they certainly don't ever seem to really go on the offensive and take territory, and the AI always steamrolls them when they decide to take the system.)

Are the various named pirate factions independent from one another? are they different groups that are part of the same faction? if I attack one group does it piss them all off? how does this work? When I join the guild, I still tend to suffer pirate attacks on my traders. Another thing about the pirates - how do they determine targets? Seemingly friendly pirates often turn hostile without warning, only to destroy an empty civilian tanker and then jump out. On the other hand, I've also had a tanker full of valuables sit with a battleship escort in an empty sector and end up fighting wave after wave of pirates that appear drawn to it.

Why won't these filthy aliens respect my goddamn borders? it seems that even when I am friendly and in a cease-fire/non-aggression pact with my neighbours, they will waltz right in and plop down stations wherever they please. Even when I set my global empire options to forbid other factions in my territory, they still ignore it and openly attempt to take my territory by dropping military bases! The only option is to destroy them...literally, you can't warn them off or threaten them diplomatically or anything, you basically HAVE to attack them, or lose the sector in question. it's not exactly a problem, per se, it's just a situation that I wish I had more tools to deal with. I've basically just taken to doing the same thing to them, heh. Anyways, what is the best way to prevent this from happening? is there a certain number of military assets I need to have, for example, that would make the AI think twice about invading my turf willy-nilly? Should I just drop military bases on every single sector I own that has a colony or asteroids in it? I've noticed that the AI has no qualms at all about going DEEP into your territory to grab asteroid belt sectors.

Who are the SSC? the rogue scientific outpost, what's the deal with that? can't find anything on it in the wiki, and I've only found them in one game so far! do they show up in a random sector every game? they sell some VERY nice ships. they are super mysterious and interesting.

How exactly do carriers work? I can't tell if the fighter production is costing me resources. Same question with bases/shipyards. I CAN tell, however, that for the combined firepower they put out, they are WAAAAAY more cost effective than battleships (presuming, of course, that the fighter production costs me nothing). I almost never build the big battleships, they are just a fire magnet and end up getting popped too easily. Carrier swarms 4 life brah.

What (in your personal opinion) is the best way to get the most possible content out of a single game? what settings/starts should I use in order to have all the major/minor random events trigger?

Alright, I think I've gone on long enough, the rest will have to wait. back to the game.

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