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Development and Suggestions / Re: Feature Requests
« on: February 28, 2016, 01:28:51 AM »

One thing that I would find very useful is a small increase in the number of options in the automatic pause options. I like to have the game automatically pause when one of my traders is under attack. This works great when I don't have any active combat going on, but if I do, the game will of course be paused all the time. It would be nice to have the option to turn on automatic pause for a subset of ships (I.e. All ships on free trader / miner automation).


Troubleshooting / 1.2 Minor Bugs
« on: February 28, 2016, 01:13:58 AM »

I've just started playing the game (which is great btw!) and have been compiling a list of issues I've encountered.

1: already mentioned stations not counting towards sector count until finished building
2: when manually building stations, if I change my view to a different sector, building progress on the station currently under construction stops. I noticed this when clearing sectors and following up with dock builders, then jumping to start clearing out the next sector. *EDIT* I just played in the same game and this issue did not occur. Not sure what the cause was the first time.
3: when selling wares, the game calculates the gain/loss based on the total quantity originally purchased...I.e. If I go buy 5000 energy cells and use 4000 of them to complete trade quests, then go sell the last 1000 to a station, the game will show a huge calculated loss even if I'm selling the energy cells for a higher price than I paid (paid 5000x10, selling 1000x15).

Thanks again for making the game!


I encountered the same issue. It's not only shipyards though. I've found that the game doesn't consider a station to count toward the sector limit while its building. I've seen some cases of the AI unintentially taking advantage of this like the original poster mentioned. I confirmed that I can take advantage of it as well by using multiple dock builders to build all at the same time...I.e. 5 dock builders = 5 shipyards, 5 military bases, 5 factories when the sector only allows 1, 8 factories if the sector allows 3, etc.

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